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18 Reasons To Visit South Korea

  • Date09/25/2018
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If you weren't already aware of the wonder of South Korea, you must know it is fast emerging as one of the hottest holiday destinations in the world, and it needs to make a way to your travel bucket list now! A tiny country with diverse landscapes, colourful cultures and traditions, South Korea will leave you pleasantly surprised. From quirky theme parks to lush green forests, this country has it all. Here are 18 reasons why a South Korean vacation is what you must look forward to. 

1. Indian roots in Korea



The heartwarming connection between South Korea and India goes back a long way and has helped deepen the existing bond between both nations. According to legend, the princess of Ayodhya, Princess Suriratna travelled to South Korea in 48 AD and married King Kim Suro, who later came to be known as queen Hur Hwang-ok. That explains why 2 per cent of the Korean DNA matches with Indians!

2. Futuristic technology


With its advanced technology, South Korea has earned the much-deserved reputation of being the hub for tech-junkies and gadget and gizmo nerds across the world. From super high speed internet to free WiFi and remote-controlled doors to being the birthplace of big names like Hyundai, LG and Samsung, this digitally-linked country has the most votes for being the promised land of the future.

3. The Hallyu Wave


Those interested in pop culture would know of Hallyu or the Korean Wave. This is a term that is essentially used to refer to the widespread popularity of Korean entertainment and culture - not just in Asia but the world over. Since the 1990s, there was a rapid increase in K-pop, K-artists and K-dramas, taking the world by storm. Some popular artists that are worth checking out are BTS, EXO, Wanna One, Twice and Red Velvet.

4. Old meets new


South Korea is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. While it eagerly embraces the new, it understands and appreciates the need to keep its roots intact. On one side are skyscrapers forming striking skylines of cities that embrace a futuristic way of life, while on the other, you witness people deeply entrenched in traditions like typical South Korean wedding culture, folk wrestling, attire and food, thus, earning South Korea the reputation of being a fitting example of a truly multifaceted country.


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