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  • Date01/23/2012
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Say Hello, Say [안녕]’

-The Korea Tourism Organization Launches New Online Event-



The Korea Tourism Organization (President, Charm Lee) is hosting new interactive events [안녕]Annyeong and "Touch Korea" through the official KTO online integrated communication platform, ibuzzKorea


Annyeong” is the friendliest way to say hello, or hi in Korean. Everyone can participate in this [안녕]Annyeong event by uploading their own video of saying "hello" in their native language and saying "annyeong". Participants can have a chance to win a MacBook and other prizes such as an ipad2 or an iTunes gift card.



"Touch Korea" is another event that gives you a chance to experience Korean culture such as Taekwondo, Kimchi and Hangeul via fun, interactive games, as well as an opportunity to win prizes. Take part in this game and explore 20 fascinating and enjoyable aspects of Korea!


Both events will take place from January 20, 2012 to February 15, 2012.

(Announcement of Winners: February 21, 2012 - All winners will be contacted individually)


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☎ Contact: The Korea Tourism Organization Brand Marketing Team

Assistant Director, Ms. JongSoon Kang

or Assistant Manager, Ms. Boram Park (Tel +82-2-729-9405)