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  • Date09/18/2015
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  Autumn is the best season to visit Korea with its blue skies and spectacular Autumn colours and this year it's even better as it coincides with the 'Visit Korea Festival' which offers visitors to Korea excellent discounts on everything from transport, accommodation, restaurants, shopping and more.

 The 'Visit Korea Festival' runs through till the end of October and offers anyone travelling to Korea at this time a great way to save money travelling in Korea.  And it's easy to make big savings by visiting the 'Visit Korea Festival' website and printing the discount coupons.

 Save money on transport and sightseeing with up to 40% off the Seoul Traditional Culture Tour bus and 20% off other tour buses in major tourist areas like Chuncheon, Daegu, Ulsan and Gyeongju.  You can also save money with 20% off Korea Stay guesthouses and you could have a lucky win with Benikea accommodation group as for every one thousand bookings made during the event period thirty customers will receive their money back.

You can also see one of Seoul's hit theatre performances Nanta's 'Cookin' for 30% off.  The fusion musical performance 'Fanta-Stick' will give you a taste of contemporary Korean theatre with a 30% discount as well. 

 If you are travelling to Korea this October don't miss out on all the great deals available during the 'Visit Korea Festival' period on the webpage: http://festival.visitkorea.or.kr/en

 If you are planning a shopping trip October is  a great time for shopping as well with many bargains to be found during the Korea Grand Sale running now until 31 October, 2015.  Korea Grand Sale also offers hundreds of discounts as well on accommodation, dining, beauty, fashion and more. 

 You can save up to 80% on a flight from Seoul to Busan on Air Busan, or shop all night at Doota department store, yes, it's open all night and you can receive discounts of up to 60% on your shopping as well as a free gift.    Korea Grand Sale website:  www.koreagrandsale.co.kr

 Learn more by visiting the websites and downloading necessary coupons for your visit to Korea and  enjoy great savings on your travels in Korea.