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Korea Tourism launches new brand - Imagine your Korea and WIN!

  • Date07/29/2014
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Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched a new tourism brand  to the world - 'Imagine your Korea'.  The new brand reflects KTO's ambition and aspiration to attract 20 million tourists and to advance Korea as a global tourist destination.

'Imagine your Korea' promotes the various charms of Korea in an effective and  proactive manner to tourists.  It reflects the improved global status of Korea through Korea's beautiful natural  environment, rich tradition and history.  At the same time it portrays Korea as a trendy and creative tourist destination that leads the global pop-culture.

The new brand image emphasises the 'K' in Korea to symbolise a variety of resources that are offered in Korea such as K-Food, K-Culture, K-Pop & K-Style.  The selected slogan design portrays energetic and dynamic aspects of Korea and a welcoming message to every foreign visitor.

 The 'K' which is often used to represent and symbolise Korea, portrays the welcoming open arms of Korea to visitors.  The multi-coloured stripes on the 'K' uses one of Korea's most representative colour combinations, symbolising the variety of experiences Korea has to offer. The swirling 'O' was derived from the twirling ribbon of the sangmo, a hat worn during the traditional Korean farmers dance.

The President of KTO Choo-Suk Byun stated at the launch of the new tourism brand on 22nd July, 2014 "Last year the number of foreign visitors to Korea exceeded 12 million, which in turn served  the opportunity for Korea to make a new leap forward to become an advanced tourism country, in name and reality.  Foreigners visit Korea not just because of physical accessibility and reasonable prices but because of their desire to experience the latest trends, cuisine, culture and lifestyle of Korea.  In short, the nature of tourism in Korea has changed."

He added "With the launching of the new brand we can reinforce the global awareness that Korea is a creative country filled with the latest trends and sophisticated culture, thereby contributing to the opening of an era that welcomes 20 million foreign tourists in the future."

At the same time KTO launched the 'Tour Imagination' campaign where foreign visitors can have the opportunity to win one of eight trips to Korea this Autumn.  KTO's 'Tour Imagination' offers  the opportunity to experience the beauty of Korea in Autumn.  Winners will be asked to record videos of their journeys and share them online. 

To have a chance to win a trip to Korea you need to enter online by 31 August,2014 www.tourimagination.com    Eight winners will be selected at random to receive a four day vacation for two in Korea this October and November.

Learn more about Korea's new tourism brand image at www.imagineyourkorea.com

Dated 28 July, 2014
Further information:  Jennifer Doherty, PR/Marketing Manager, KTO Sydney
Email:  jenny@knto.org.au  Phone:  02)9252-4147/8