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KTO Toronto Office launches 'Canadians 4 Korea (C4K)'

  • Date04/09/2018
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Toronto, Canada, on April 9On April 7, Korea Tourism Organization(KTO) Toronto Office successfully hosted the opening ceremony of the supporters group, "Canadians for Korea (C4K)" at Arisu, a Korean & Japanese BBQ restaurant in downtown Toronto. The KTO Toronto Office has hand-picked the supporters for C4K this year based on each applicant's interest in Korean culture, language, and food and their abilities to connect with audience at scale on social media platforms. The C4K members will be given missions to post on their social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) and assist in offline marketing activities hosted by the KTO Toronto Office.

On Saturday, the C4K members joined together to meet & greet each other and to learn more about the works of the KTO Toronto Office. The KTO Toronto Office handed out a number of brochures about Korea and provided a detailed presentation for the newcomers. Also, the members were offered to participate in a Hangeul (Korean alphabet) Calligraphy experience, in which they wrote their names on a Korean traditional paper fan using a brush pen. Many supporters already knew how to write their names in Hangeul without having the KTO staff members to teach them how Hangeul works. Furthermore, some even had Korean names! Lastly, the supporters were provided a festive luncheon featuring many dishes from the Gangwon-do Province.  Since the members showed a genuine interest in Korea, it is expected that the C4K will serve as the cultural ambassadors of Korean culture and help connect KTO Toronto Office and potential Canadian visitors through their hard work.