PyeongChang Olympics Night Event

  • Date04/04/2017
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Toronto, Canada, April 4th, 2017 -
PyeongChang Olympics Night'

With 310 days remaining to the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games, preparations in Korea are well underway. The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) presented "PyeongChang Olympic Night" last night at the Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre to showcase what PyeongChang has in store for Canadians in 2018.

The feature of the informative evening included special guests were Ms. Ok Hee KANG, Executive Vice President of International Tourism Promotion Division, Korea Tourism Organization Headquarters; Mr. Haeyoung SON, Assistant Director, Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism; Ms. Seonhee KIM, Head of Key Client Team, Organizing Committee for Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018; Mr. Jinyeob KIM, Senior Assistant Director, Gangwon Provincial Government. Presentation topics included the Korea preparedness of the Olympics, ticket sales, and the tourist attractions in Gangwon Province.

"The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games will be accessible via KTX train from Incheon International Airport. The high-speed railway will be completed by summer this year and it will undergo thorough testing throughout the year. Upon completion, passengers can travel easily from Incheon International Airport to PyeongChang and Gangneung in just 98 and 113 minutes respectively" explained Ms. Kim, Head of Key Client Team, Organizing Committee for Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

In addition to the high-speed rail network expansion, Korea's mobile phone operators are planning to enable 5G service for spectator viewers and the organizers to demonstrate innovative new services. The network speed is estimated 1,000 times faster than current LTE network. Additional technological highlights include a language app for a barrier-free Olympic and Paralympic Games, headset-free VR, and Hologram experience.


Tickets are available through Authorized Ticket Reseller, ATPI Sports Events. Packages including air and tickets are available on the website Ms. Kang from the Korea Tourism Organization has a lot of expectations in the Canadian market "because Canada excels in winter sports, I expect that more Canadians will come to Korea to experience the adventure that PyeongChang offers as well as cheer on Team Canada in person".

PyeongChang Night was also the Canada's first look at the Olympic Mascots, Soohorang and Bandabi. The adorable duo has a deep meaning to Koreans. Soohorang, the white tiger, symbolizes spirit and passion but also is a trustworthy friend who protects the athletes, spectators and all participants in the Olympic Games. Bandabi, the Asiatic black bear, has strong willpower and courage. It is a warm-hearted friend who takes the lead for equality and harmony and encourages athletes to push themselves beyond their limits.


Future sightings of Soohorang and Bandabi include Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Western Canada. "When Canadians see our Winter Olympics Mascots on the streets, we know they will open their arms and welcome the Canadians to join the Winter Olympics spirit." furthered John Park, Director of KTO Toronto Office.

The slogan "Passion. Connected." follows the objective of the Games that a world in which everyone is connected with shared passion for winter sports, a world open to any generation anywhere, anytime, to open new horizons in the continued growth of winter sports.

Continuing the Olympic spirit, representatives from the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) and China National Tourist Office (CNTO) gave short introductions in regards to the 2020 and 2022 Olympics in Asia alongside KTO's 2018 Winter Olympic Games presentation to emphasize the relationship between the three tourism bodies.

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