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WAH! Points Program & Official Supporter Shops 2019

  • Date07/02/2019
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2019 WAH! Korea Club Brochure.pdf

WAH! Korea Club 
Points Program 2019 
& Official Supporter Shops

Be rewarded when you shop at our official supporter shops and share your passion and love for the Korean culture with your family and friends!
(Download our brochure from the attached file)

Stand to win prizes such as Korean restaurant vouchers, Korean souvenirs, digital gadgets and more if you are among the top scorers at the end of the year.

To claim your points, send an email to singapore@knto.or.kr
 with your name and membership number with the following subject header:

WAH! Points Program 2019

You will receive an email once your points have been credited into your account. Please allow up to one month for us to review your application. Start sending in your entries now!


Points Award Chart: