*Hotels participating in the Hotel Tax Refund Policy are selected by season, thus the hotels listed below are subject to change. Please check the hotel list frequently and confirm with your hotel upon making your reservation.
The 30 hotels listed below have been selected to participate in the Hotel Tax Refund through March, 2015.
For the hotel stays after March 31, 2015, please use the next updated hotel list.
(As of January 1, 2015)

Hotels offering the VAT Tax Refund are subject to change.
No. Region District Contact Hotel name (English) Hotel
Tax Refund Servicing
1 Seoul Gangnam-gu +82-2-531-6411 Novotel Seoul Ambassador Gangnam 5-Star ktis
2 Seoul Gangseo-gu +82-2-759-7583 Lotte City Hotel Gimpo Airport 4-Star ktis
3 Seoul Guro-gu +82-2-6210-1000 Lotte City Hotel Guro 4-Star ktis
4 Seoul Geumcheon-gu +82-2-3282-6410 Novotel Ambassador Doksan 4-Star ktis
5 Seoul Mapo-gu +82-2-6009-1000 Lotte City Hotel Mapo 4-Star ktis
6 Seoul Seodaemun-gu +82-2-2287-8351 Grand Hilton Seoul 5-Star ktis
7 Seoul Songpa-gu +82-2-759-7583 Lotte Hotel World 5-Star ktis
8 Seoul Jongno-gu +82-2-6730-1191 Ibis ambassador Seoul Insadong 3-Star ktis
9 Seoul Jung-gu +82-2-2275-1101 Grand Ambassador Seoul  5-Star GTF
10 Seoul Jung-gu +82-2-6361-8011 Ibis ambassador Seoul Myeong-dong 3-Star ktis
11 Seoul Jung-gu +82-2-759-7583 Lotte Hotel Seoul 5-Star ktis
12 Busan Dong-gu +82-51-466-1045 TOYOKO INN BUSAN STATION1 1-Star GTF
13 Busan Busanjin-gu +82-51-638-1045 Toyoko Inn Busan Seomyeon 1-Star GTF
14 Busan Jung-gu +82-51-710-6777 Hotel NOAH 2-Star GTF
15 Busan Jung-gu +82-51-442-1045 Toyoko Inn Busan Station2 1-Star GTF
16 Busan Haeundae-gu +82-51-740-2111 HOTEL RIVIERA HAEUNDAE 3-Star GTF
17 Daegu Dalseo-gu +82-53-655-7799 Crystal Tourist Hotel 3-Star ktis
18 Gwangju Dong-gu +82-62-221-4114 ShinYang ParkHotel  4-Star ktis
19 Deajeon Yuseong-gu +82-2-759-7583 Lotte City Hotel Daejeon 4-Star ktis
20 Deajeon Yuseong-gu +82-42-820-0118 YOUSUNG HOTEL 4-Star ktis
21 Deajeon Yuseong-gu +82-42-671-0500 TECHNOVALLEY HOTEL 2-Star ktis
22 Ulsan Nam-gu +82-52-960-1000 Lotte Hotel Ulsan 5-Star ktis
23 Gyeonggi Gwangmyeong-si +82-2-2625-2000 HOTEL DIANA (SAMDOO.INDUSIAL.CO.LTD) 3-Star GTF
24 Gyeonggi Seongnam-si +82-31-705-5111 BUNDANG MATE HOTEL N/A ktis
25 Gyeonggi Seongnam-si +82-31-702-6565 Hotel SR 2-Star ktis
26 Gyeonggi Anyang-si +82-31-421-0000 Urban Boutique Hotel 3-Star ktis
27 Chungnam Asan-si +82-41-540-1000 ONYANG HOT SPRING HOTEL 4-Star ktis
28 Gyeongbuk Gyeongju-si +82-54-748-4848 Benikea Swiss Rosen Hotel 2-Star ktis
29 Gyeongbuk Pohang-si +82-54-250-2000 HOTEL PHILOS 4-Star ktis
30 Jeju Jeju-si +82-64-730-1000 Lotte City Hotel Jeju 4-Star ktis