Surprise Event for Independent Travelers The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is organizing this special event for independent travelers who visit Korea from November 27 through December 31. Submit an application today and bring a printed voucher for a chance to win an Onnuri gift coupon (for use in traditional markets) worth 20,000 won or a Korea Pass Card worth 50,000 won. Also you will receive a discount for a SKT mobile hotspot (mobile Internet wireless router) usage fee. The gifts will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply and enjoy special benefits to use towards your travel expenses. The joy of traveling will be doubled. Apply now! Gifts Onnuri gift coupon (20,000won) : 2,000 people Korea Pass (50,000won) : 600 people SKT Mobile Hotspot (Discount) : 500 people * This event is open to free independent travelers holding a non-Korean nationality only. It does not apply to group tourists or those traveling on a tour package organized by a travel agency. When you claim your gift, you will be asked to present your flight ticket (e-ticket) so that we may confirm that you are an individual tourist.
Event Information Peroid : November 27, 2013 - December 31, 2013 (open until all gifts are given out) ※Tourists may apply for both Event 1 and 2 Event1: Choose one of the two options Option 1 : Onnuri gift coupon* worth 20,000 won Eligibility : Independent travelers Gift distribution centers - Check location on Voucher page : Tourist Information Center(TIC) Required documents : 1. Voucher / 2. Flight ticket / 3. Passport Number of people : First 2,000 applicants Option2 : Korea Pass* worth 50,000 won Eligibility : Independent travelers visiting a region outside the Seoul Metropolitan Area (places outside Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi regions) Gift distribution centers - Check location on Voucher page : Tourist Information Center(TIC), Local Tourist Information Center (Incheon, Gimhae, Jeju) Required documents : 1. Voucher / 2. Flight ticket / 3. Passport / 4. Documents verifying travel > Transportation ticket, accommodation receipt, tourist site admission ticket from region visited Number of people : First 600 applicants
Event2 SKT Mobile Hotspot (Mobile Internet wireless router)* discount 1. 50% discount on daily rental fee (originally 3,000 won) 2. 10,000 won discount on total usage fee (originally 5,000 won daily) It applies only when you rent at least for 2 days.(eg. Renting for 2 days: 16,000 won > 3,000 won) Eligibility : Independent travelers who have downloaded the Visit Korea 3.0 App Gift distribution centers - Check location on Voucher page : Incheon International Airport F1, 2 SKT Roaming Centers (Between Gate 6 and 7, between Gate 10 and 11) Required documents : 1. Voucher / 2. Flight ticket / 3. Passport / 4. Smart phone screen showing the Visit Korea App Number of people : First 500 applicants * Onnuri gift coupon: The coupon can be used at traditional markets in lieu of cash (20,000 won). * Korea Pass: Korea Pass is an all-in-one travel card that can be used to pay for accommodations, admission to tourist attractions, and shopping purchases (pre-paid 50,000 won; also accepted at Lotte Duty Free stores). For more information, please visit * SKT Mobile Hotspot : Mobile Internet wireless router for mobile phone, table PC, laptop and more that you could use while travellling in Korea. Up to 3 people can access at the same time. : 500MB of data is provided daily. : For more detailed information visit the website
How to apply 1. Log in to the VisitKorea website and apply for the event. Enter your basic information and answer the survey. 2. After applying, make sure to print the voucher showing the details of your participation. 3. To receive your gift, visit one of the distribution centers listed above. Bring the printed voucher, flight ticket (or e-ticket showing seat class), passport, and other required documents. 4. Present your printed voucher, flight ticket, passport, and other required documents to the event staff and receive your gift. * Distribution Centers' hours of operation (open throughout the event period) - KTO TIC: 10am-7pm - Tourist Information Center (Incheon, Gimhae, Jeju) : 9am~6pm - SKT Roaming Center: 24 hours (Incheon International Airport 1F, between Gate 6 and 7) 6am-10pm (Incheon International Airport 1F, between Gate 10 and 11) ※ Inquiries about thrte event
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