Inspiring Korea Travel Stories

Share stories from your trip for the chance to win a free flight

Share your travel stories about Korea!

If you have special memories, stories, or experiences of travelling in Korea that are just waiting to be shared, then Korea Tourism Organization invites you to participate in the MORNING CALM MEMORIES event! You will be eligible for the chance to win a trip to Korea, along with other exciting prizes.


Event Period
September 25 – November 3, 2013 (subject to change)
Participants must write and submit a reflection of their travel experiences in Korea on the “My Korean Travel Story” section of the VisitKorea website during the specified event period.
The event is not applicable for experiences of travelling via tourpackages or through travel agencies (participants must have planned,made arrangements, and travelled on their own to be able to participate in this event)

How to Participate

Required Information
Traveling independently or with travel companions (If yes, please specify your relationship with the companion.)
Travel period (no limits on the dates of travel) and region.
Attach photos or video links (Add detailed descriptions of the attached contents.)
Note! Your entry will not be valid unless it includes all required information specified above Although not required, you will receive additional points for including detailed information on your transportation (ex. from airport to destination), restaurants, and accommodations.


1st prize (1 winner)
2 roundtrip tickets to Korea + Benikea Hotel 3 night voucher
2nd prize (1 winner)
2 roundtrip tickets to Korea
3rd prize (3 winners)
Benikea Hotel 2 night voucher
4th prize (10 winners)
Korea Pass card worth 50,000 won
Participation prize
Card holder with neck strap (Prizes are limited in amount and will be given away in the order of event participation until they run out.)


Friday, November 15, 2013 (after 3 p.m., subject to change) Winners will be announced in the News section of the VisitKorea website.
- If more than one of your stories are selected, you will qualify only for the higher prize unless otherwise notified.
- We will individually notify the 1st to 4th prize winners via the contact information provided on the VisitKorea membership page, so please don’t forget to update your VisitKorea membership information. KTO will not be responsible for any incorrect delivery or the loss of a prize due to inaccurate membership information such as a mailing address.
Winners of the 1st to 4th prizes will be selected through internal evaluations.


By participating in the event, you agree that all materials submitted (travel stories, photos, video contents, etc.) may be reused for other business purposes within the Korea Tourism Organization.

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