Event Period: Check-in from September 23 through December 27, 2013

Prizes are for the first 100 customers. (In order of reservation)
* The winners will be notified by an e-mail from KTO within 3 days of making a reservation.

Prize pick up ends December 31, 2013


  • Performance ticket voucher (1 ticket)
  • Korean cooking class program voucher (1 ticket)
  • Koreapass card (1 card worth 20,000 won)
  • T-money card (1 card worth 20,000 won)

Event Process

  • Step 1: Make a reservation for 5 nights or longer on www.koreastay.or.kr 
* You can split your stay between different Koreastay houses as long as it is made for at least 5 consecutive nights. Please note that the prize will be given only once per person.
* Reservation for guesthouse is available at the homepage linked on the Koreastay website.
  • Step 2:
KTO will send a notification message to those who made a reservation for 5 nights or longer. 
However, those who made a reservation through the guesthouse should forward KTO (email koreastay@knto.or.kr) the reservation confirmation document or email from the guesthouse.
  • Step 3: Reply to Koreastay with your prize of choice and desired prize pick-up location.
  • step 4: Collect your prize at the designated prize pick-up location.

Prize pickup

  • Prizes can be picked up at the TIC in the KTO(Korea Tourism Organization) Headquaters and 8
  • branch offices in Korea (Chuncheon, Daegu, Jeonju, Gwangju, Daejeon, Busan, Jeju, Mokpo)

Additional Info

  • Further information on the prizes will be given at the point of prize pick-up.
 - Cancelling or shortening your Koreastay reservation to fewer than 5 nights will result in a forfeiture of the prize.
 - Prizes will be given once Koreastay check-in is confirmed, and can be handed over to another person.
 - The Prize can be replaced with other prizes in case one is out of stock.
 - The nonverbal performance and Korean cooking class program voucher is valid for 3 months from the date you received it.

Prize Details

  • Performance ticket voucher (1 voucher each)

    JUMP: comic martial arts performance BIBAP: musical with delicious  food Sachoom (Lovedance): dance musical
  • Korean cooking class program

    Korean cooking class program voucher (1 voucher each)

    Language: English, Japanese, Chinese

    Program:  cooking Korean food (Tteokbokki, Kimchi), tasting Makgeolli

    Place: Institute of Traditional Korean Food (http://www.daesangfnf.co.kr)

  • Korea Pass Card (₩20,000): Prepaid tourism card for accommodations, transportation, tourist attraction entrance fees and shopping purchases in Korea.T-Money Card (₩20,000): A transportation card available to use on the subway, bus, or with taxis

ContactKoreastay e-mailkoreastay@knto.or.kr

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