The Best Follower of the Year 2013

VisitKorea, the official website of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), has 13 different social networking service (SNS) channels available in 6 languages. The current number of members on our SNS sites has reached 320,000. The KTO would like to thank you for your continued support by rewarding “The Best Follower of the Year.” A total of 30 winners (5 winners for each language) will be selected through this event. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Korea through KTO’s social media networks, and try your luck at being selected as the best follower!

March 4 - November 30, 2013
Winners Announcement
December 6, 2013
Prizes (Total 30 winners)
MCM business card holder(6 winners)
LG 500GB external hard drive (6 winners)
Kolon backpack (6 winners)
Mother-of-pearl jewelry box (6 winners)
Hallyu gift set (6 winners)

※ Prize winners are responsible for any fees that your country might levy on contest winnings.

    -Tips on how to improve your chances of getting selected!
  1. ① Give active feedback on Korean tourism by participating on KTO’s social networking sites.
  2. ② Share our content on your social networking account!

☞ Winners will be selected through comprehensive evaluations of the above activities in terms of quantitative and qualitative aspects by KTO staff.

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