Download KTO’s Visit Korea 2.0 smartphone application to win a SIM card and free calling cards!

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What is “Visit Korea 2.0”?

What is “Visit Korea 2.0”?
Visit Korea 2.0 Introduction Video Clip
Visit Korea 2.0 Introduction Video Clip

Enjoy calls and internet with a SIM card

What is a SIM card?

A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is a portable memory chip used in cell phones that holds personal information of the account holder.
Using a prepaid SIM card in Korea is an affordable option for visitors for using call and data services.

High-quality calls
Reasonable call and data service fares
Easy top-up
Top-ups can be made at the airport, various convenience stores or via top-up application.

Why use our SIM card?

How to get a SIM card?

You are required to fill out the application form to use our SIM card in Korea

Inquiries: 82-2-2122-3444

Apply for SIM card