Watch Korea's Best Performances on iPad

Join KTO in celebrating the launching of a new iPad application introducing Korea’s best performances. Download ‘Korea Performance Digital Book’ for a chance to win tickets to your favorite performances.

How to Participate
Step 1: Download “Korea Performance Digital Book” from the iTunes App Store.
Step 2: Turn to the last page of the application, and select ‘Apply to Event’.
Step 3: Write a brief review of the application, and send an e-mail (select ‘Send E-mail’) with the title of a performance you want to watch.
Event Period
October 11- November 10, 2012
2 tickets (per person) to 1 performance
*The performance must be from the list of performances introduced in the application.
Number of Winners
Winners Announcement
November 20, 2012 (‘News’ section on

About the App: Korea Performance Digital Book

Combining traditional and modern performing arts, Korea’s performances are some of the best in the world. Now with the “Korea Performance Digital Book”, you can experience the richness and diversity of Korean culture.

The “Korea Performance Digital Book” is an iPad application that allows anyone in the world to watch Korea’s best performances. It includes video clips, images, and descriptions of performances currently staged in Korea. It also allows you to make reservations and submit inquiries by connecting you to the Facebook and Twitter pages of each performance.

Exciting, Engaging, Easy-to-Use. Experience the Korea Performance Digital Book.