KTO Mobile Apps

The Korea Tourism Organization has developed a number of smartphone applications to give travelers quick and easy access to a wide variety of information and services. Take a look at the applications listed below for a brief summary of each app’s special features!

Visit Korea – English

Visit Korea is a smartphone app that provides users with useful and up-to-date travel information about Korea. The newest version has added more helpful information and functions like route finding, offline bookmarks, trip planning, and mobile coupons. The app is available on a range of iOS, Android, and tablet platforms with optimized settings for each operating system.

Smart Tour Guide – English, Japanese, Chinese

The Smart Tour Guide is a digital audio guide that offers cultural and historical information about Korea’s famous tourist attractions, museums and cities. Download the audio files over a WiFi connection and listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

BENIKEA – English

BENIKEA, operated by the Korea Tourism Organization, is Korea’s first-ever, mid-priced hotel chain. This application introduces BENIKEA hotels nationwide and includes hotel specs and nearby tourist attractions. The app also lets you make quick and easy reservations at the BENIKEA hotel of your choice (pending availability).

KTO-Books [Tablet PC]- English

K-Books is an e-book app that contains over 95 types of travel promotion publications, including tourist guidebooks, Korean cuisine guidebooks and free independent traveler Xinger (星儿) guidebooks, which are published by the Korea Tourism Organization. K-Books also provide international travelers with a variety of useful features, such as bookmarks, currency rates, weather search and memos.