Wonder Girls ‘Be My Baby' Cover Dance Contest! Sponsored by VisitKorea & JYP

Join the Wonder Girls cover dance concert for a chance to win a FREE trip to Korea & meet the Wonder Girls! The contest, jointly sponsored by VisitKorea & JYJ, is being held in celebration of the release of K-pop sensation Wonder Girls’ 2nd album ‘Wonder World’ featuring the single ‘Be My Baby.’ The 5-member K-pop girl group is loved by fans all of the world for hit songs like ‘Nobody,’ ‘Tell Me,’ and ‘So Hot’ and has wowed audiences again by the new release.

The 2nd album ‘Wonder World’ shows a different side of the Wonder Girls as the group moves away from the retro style explored in their first album to a more refined image. In the new album, the ladies burst forth with a more mature sound, bringing a whole new level of confidence and charisma to the already celebrated group. The title track, ‘Be My Baby’ is set to take the world by storm – expressing a sweet confession of love and its all-consuming happiness. Of course, who better to sing the joys of love then these five gorgeous gals!

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*** Here’s how YOU can win a FREE trip to Korea & a chance to meet the Wonder Girls! ***

Upload a video on Youtube of your cover dance for the title track ‘Be My Baby’ off the Wonder Girls’ new album ‘Wonder World.’ Email the URL of the video to JYP Entertainment (see below for details) and go to the JYP Facebook page and leave a comment on the event page (see below for link). The top 3 groups will get a free 3-night, 4-day trip to Korea (including airfare) plus a free tour of Seoul and the JYP office. Winners will even get a chance to meet the Wonder Girls in person!

Detailed Info

 Application period :
2011. 11.14 - 11. 30
 Winners
5 teams (3 teams from abroad and 2 local teams)
 Prizes
 3 teams from abroad: Free trip to Korea + a free tour of Seoul + JYP Entertainment tour + a chance to meet the Wonder Girls
* Airfare, accommodations (3 nights/4 days), & Seoul tour paid for by VisitKorea.
 2 local teams: JYP Entertainment tour + a chance to meet the Wonder Girls
How to participate:
1. Upload a video clip of you/your group’s “Be My Baby” cover dance to your Youtube account
* One group should have 5 members or less.
2. Email the URL of your video clip along with each member’s nationality and country of residence to JYP Entertainment (wgbemybaby@gmail.com). * Applications without participants’ nationalities & countries of residence will not be admitted.
3. Leave a message of support for the Wonder Girls + the name of 1 tourist attraction in Seoul you want to visit on the JYP Facebook event page * For some ideas on tourist attractions in Seoul, check out this link.
Selection criteria
The Wonder Girls themselves will be judging this event! Videos will be judged on how well participants represent the original dance while giving the dance their own creative twist.
Winners announcement
December 5, 2011
Announced on the news section of the VisitKorea site and the JYP Facebook event page.
Scheduled Korea tour period
December 14 - 17, 2011 (3 nights and 4 days)
* Schedule subject to change.