2019 Halal Restaurant Week Korea

September 1 - October 31, 2019 Muslim Friendly Restaurants in Korea

Halal Restaurant Week is back!

Halal Restaurant Week, an annual event to promote Muslim-friendly restaurants not only for Muslims but also for tourists from all over the world, will be held for the fourth time hosted by Korea Tourism Organization.

This promotion will last two months, with more than 150 restaurants around Korea awaiting you!

This is the perfect chance to taste delicious food at discounted prices! We also provide other vendor discounts for experiences, shopping, and cultural experiences, so please don't miss out.

Lasting 61 days, more than 150 restaurants and the affiliated companies will provide discounts and have various promotions to enhance the travel experiences of Muslim travelers. All the various benefits will be continuously updated at the website.

Don't worry about food when traveling around Korea!
Enjoy Halal Restaurant Week and experience the attractiveness of Korea!

Promotions to be enjoyed at more than 150 restaurants during Halal Restaurant Week!

Click here! (Download coupon)

1. Special discount
3,000 & 10,000KRW discount coupons are provided.(Coupons will be provided through mobile & webpage, coupon book!)
2. Pre-fixed set menu
안녕하세요(Annyeonghaseyo) : 29,900KRW
감사합니다(Kamsahamnida) : 39,900KRW
* Annyeonghaseyo = Hello!, Kamsahamnida = Thank you!
A 10,000KRW discount coupon can be used.
3. Lucky draw(On-line Event)
In addition to the discounted coupons, there will also additional prizes at a lucky draw.
*On-line Event

More Shop & Play Offers

Various companies offer special benefits on their cultural activities and programs!
You can find more offers and benefits in our website.

Halal Restaurant Week

You can see the Halal Restaurant Week official teaser at YouTube & our website.

Official teaser video

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