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A must-have booking platform for independent travelers - SeoulPASS

Rediscovery of my own Journey in Korea!

An online travel service that allows you to reserve various tickets, tours and activities (varying from Seoul to Jeju Island) at a discounted price!
Visit SeoulPASS and start planning your personalized journey in Korea!

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Discount code
You can receive up to 60% off on over 300 tickets, tours and activities (varying from Seoul to Jeju Island). If you use a coupon, you can receive additional 5% off!​​
How to get the discount
Enter the discount code during payment and receive additional 5% discount.​​
Discounted period
2019. 1. 1 - 2019. 12. 31
1. No duplicated use of discounts.
2. For coupon usage, only single payment per ID is available.