New name of 'BIBAP'! An upgraded Musical 'CHEF'!

New brand of BIBAP CHEF


  • VIP seat : KRW 60,000 → KRW 36,000
  • R seat : KRW 50,000 → KRW 30,000
  • S seat : KRW 40,000 → KRW 24,000

* This coupon is valid until May 31, 2020.



A restaurant serving premium food with beatbox and b-boying! Here begins a fiery food competition between two chefs who tinks their secret recipe is the best! Who will be today's winner? Ring Ring! The sound of ringing orders by customers from all over the world. From preparation of ingredients to the serving of food, There is no single moment that is not out of the ordinary. However, the food made from 100% live beatboxing and world-class level of b-boying will make you exclaim with awe! After finishingorders of sushi, pizza, and chicken noodle, here comes the last order of Bibimbap! Intense competition between Green Chef and Red Chef to be chosen as the best chef! Finally, the secret recipes of two chefs are revealed...


Cinecore CHEF Theatre