Healience Seonmaeul

Selected as one of top 33 Wellness tourist sites Selected as a healing destination by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Selected as the first privately managed healing forest

Space for a true ‘rest’

Sometimes, we just want to get away from a busy city life and enjoy a peaceful rest. Enjoy a premium rest with an opportunity to learn about proper living habits and health techniques.

Perfect healing in an unfamiliar place

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Healience is a combination of ‘healing’ and ‘science’ being the heart of a healing science. As nation’s first and best well-aging healing resort, Healience Seonmaeul offers health education and innovative programs to help guests improve their eating, exercise, and life rhythm habits that are the causes of illnesses. Enjoy unique experiences and rest at Korea's healing resort ‘Healience Seonmaeul’ that presents new experiences. Download special coupons for resort lodging, café beverage deals and more. Enjoy Healience!





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Use of eco-friendly materials (floors, paints, wallpapers) with no detection of formaldehyde! Ceiling window with a view of rolling clouds / a terrace where guests can enjoy nature / functional bedding for extra comfort

FOREST VILLA [Forest Villa Guestroom]

Do you want to experience healing in a forest? The Forest Villa is a simple yet spacious room located at the highest spot in Seonmaeul that blends with the lines of Jongjasan Mountain. There is nothing better than to appreciate the view of Seonmaeul from the Forest Villa. Sit on a rocking chair and watch the stars at night out on the terrace, or see the clouds and fog roll in early in the morning.

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GARDEN VILLA [Garden Villa Guestroom]

The Garden Villa with a bamboo courtyard offers a simple and pure space for peace and calm. Guests can enjoy a relaxing time in this natural space that embraces Seonmaeul's philosophy. The ceiling with radiating sunlight and guestroom constructed with eco-friendly materials will give you the comfort needed for a full rest.

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Carbonated Spa

Garden Music Hall & Cafe

Meditation Cave

Hyocheon Art Gallary

GX Room

Trekking Course

Bichae Dining Restaurant

Chunhaseoga (Library)

Healience Way, experience proper life habits at Seonmaeul

A complete healing journey, rejuvinate at Healience Seonmaeul

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