Korea Travel Hotline 1330

Call toll-free even from outside Korea!

The 1330 Korea Travel Hotline provides services all year round in 8 languages. You can now call the hotline toll-free while in a Wi-Fi environment, without worrying about your phone bill!
Get free travel information on tours in Korea, anytime, anywhere.

SNS Promotional Event for the Toll-free 1330 Korea Travel Hotline

(Promote 1330 Korea Travel Hotline via your SNS account and get a free gift!)


Foreigners residing in Korea (Limited to 100 participants)

How to Participate

Promote the toll-free 1330 Korea Travel Hotline service including the following information via your SNS account, either in English, Japanese, or Chinese.

  1. How to make a toll-free call to the 1330 Korea Travel Hotline using the Visit Korea app
  2. Introduction of the Visit Korea app
  3. Introduction of the 1330 Korea Travel Hotline

Method of Application

Complete and submit the application form to 1330 e-mail address (1330@knto.or.kr)
along with a screenshot of your promotional post on social media.

(Click here to download the application form)

Period of Application

From March 19 to April 18, 2018
※Application period can be closed earlier than scheduled (Applications will be processed in the order they are received).

Gift Giveaway Date

A mobile gift certicate (coupon) will be sent on April 30, after the event is completed.


A mobile gift certicate worth 30,000 won that can be used at one of the following bakeries and restaurant (※Gift certicate will be randomly chosen).

About 1330 Korea Travel Hotline : Click here for more information