Exploring Inland Waterways : A Historical Journey to the Headstreams of Korean Culture

The world's waterways are the source of all life on earth and the long preferred habitat of humans. The first four major civilizations also bloomed in the valleys of important waterways. The Huang He civilization developed in the fertile valley of the Yellow River, and the Mesopotamian civilization grew from the watersheds of the Tigris and Euphrates. The Indus River nurtured the Indus Valley civilization, and the Nile was the lifeline of the Egyptian Civilization.

Likewise, river valleys have also been platforms for cultural development throughout the history of Korea. The Hangang River has been the lifeblood of Korean people since the beginning of life on the peninsula, as have the other rivers such as the Geumgang, Yeongsangang, Nakdonggang and the Seomjingang. They have supported life and cultural growth on the peninsula for thousands of years, and serve as mirrors of our country’s past and windows to its future. Indeed, nothing provides a better and more in‐depth understanding of a country’s past, present and future than touring it along its inland waterways. Exploring nature and discovering local cultures at each bend of a winding river, and tasting the endless variety of flavors is sure to provide a unique, holistic experience.