[Korea] KTO’s Recommended Festivals for September!

Photo: Forest of Wisdom (left; credit: Bangbang Kokkok) / Red spider lily field at Bulgapsa Temple (right)

The Korea Tourism Organization has selected the best local festivals in each region happening this September. Tourists are sure to enjoy a great time at Paju Booksori Festival (September 15-17), Pyeongchang Zinnia Festival (September 23-October 8), Yeongdong Nangye Gugak Festival (September 21-24), Hongseong Hero Festival (September 22-24), Bulgapsan Lily Festival (September 15-24), Hamyang Wild Ginseng Festival & Waterwheel Festival (September 8-17).

▲ Paju Booksori Festival, hosted by Paju Book City, is the nation’s largest book and publishing culture festival.
▲ Pyeongchang Zinnia Festival features a grand 30,000㎡ field of zinnia flowers blooming along the Pyeongchanggang riverside.
▲ Relax to the sound of classical Korean music by the cool waters of Yeongdongcheon Stream at Yeongdong Nangye Gugak Festival.
▲ Learn about Korea’s historical heroes through exciting activities and events at Hongseong Hero Festival.
▲ Enter a fantastic world carpeted in red spider lilies at the Bulgapsan Lily Festival.
▲ Experience nature and local culture at the same time during the Hanyang Wild Ginseng & Waterwheel Festivals, taking place together.
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Korea Tourism Organization’s Recommended Festivals for September
☞ Festival details
- Paju Booksori Festival
- Yeongdong Nangye Gugak Festival
- Hongseong Hero Festival
- Bulgapsan Lily Festival (Bulgapsa Temple Tourism Complex area)
- Hamyang Wild Ginseng Festival
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Photo courtesy of Bangbang Kokkok