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[Korea] Opening Dates of Korea’s Major Beaches
Apertura Anticipada de las Playas en Corea

Beaches nationwide are pushing up their opening dates this year in response to the increased number of visitors last summer.

The first beaches opening to the public this season are Myeongsasimni Beach (명사십리 해수욕장) on Wan-do Island and of Ujeon Beach on Jeung-do Island, both of which will be open starting May 20th. Jeung-do Island was officially designated as a “Slow City” and is home to Korea’s largest salt farm (Taepyeong Salt Farm), The Jeung-do Mudflats Eco Exhibition Hall, and a thick forest of old pine trees that border the beach area. A newly-built bridge linking the island with the mainland is sure to make the island even more accessible to tourists and beachgoers this coming season. Haeundae Beach in Busan, one of the nation’s most popular beaches, will be open to the public every Saturday and Sunday until its official season kicks off on July 1st, after which it will be open daily.

Beaches across the country are currently undergoing maintenance in preparation for the peak season. Lodging facilities and restaurants located nearby beaches are also preparing to reopen.

Starting from this year, Samcheok-si will not charge admission or parking fees to those visiting Samcheok and Maengbang Beaches (beaches which are owned by the city government). City officials also plan to set up temporary police offices and administrative service offices in the surrounding areas for the added comfort and safety of beachgoers.

* Click on the name of each beach for detailed information.

[Korea’s Beaches: Summer Season Official Start Dates]



East Sea

Sokcho Beach
(속초 해수욕장),
Gangwon-do Sokcho-si

July 1,

Gyeongpodae Beach
(경포대 해수욕장),
Gangwon-do Gangneung-si
July 1,
Samcheok Beach
(삼척 해수욕장),
Gangwon-do Samcheok-si
July 1,
Guryongpo Beach
(구룡포 해수욕장),
Gyeongsangbuk-do Pohang-si
July 1,
West Sea
(Yellow Sea)
Daecheon Beach
(대천 해수욕장),
Chungcheongnam-do Boryeong-si
June 26,
Muchangpo Beach
(무창포 해수욕장),
Chungcheongnam-do Boryeong-si
July 3,
Eurwangni Beach
(을왕리 해수욕장),
Incheon-si Jung-gu
July 1,
South Sea Jungmun Beach
(중문 해수욕장),
Jeju Seogwipo-si
 Late June,
Hyeopjae Beach
(협재 해수욕장),
Jeju-si Hallim-eup
June 26,
Haeundae Beach
(해운대 해수욕장),
Busan-si Haeundae-gu
July 1,
Myeongsasimni Beach
(명사십리 해수욕장),
Jeollanam-do Wando-gun Sinji-myeon
May 20,

* Please note that schedules are subject to change without notice.
Date 05/28/2010