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  • Haemul pajeon

    Haemul pajeon

    Pajeon is green/spring onion pancake, and by adding fresh seafood, haemul, you can make a more delicious pancake called "haemul pajeon." Koreans like to eat haemul pajeon with dongdongju (traditional rice liquor) on rainy days.

    • Date06/25/2014
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  • Kimchi jeon

    Kimchi jeon

    Ripe kimchi is added to a flour batter then cooked like a pancake. Kimchi jeon is a popular appetizer or side dish when drinking.

    • Date06/24/2014
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  • Japchae


    Various vegetables and meat are stir-fried then mixed with glass noodles. Japchae is commonly served on birthday or holiday dinners.

    • Date06/24/2014
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  • Gyeran jjim

    Gyeran jjim

    This is a soft and easy to digest food made by slow cooking beaten eggs in a stone pot over low heat.

    • Date06/24/2014
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  • Oi sobagi

    Oi sobagi

    Characterized by a crunchy texture and crisp taste, oi sobagi is a type of seasonal kimchi best enjoyed in the summer, when cucumbers are in season.

    • Date06/24/2014
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  • Jjimdak


    Chopped chicken is braised in a soy sauce-based seasoning with vegetables and glass noodles. This is usually called “Andong jjimdak,” as the dish originates from Andong in Gyeongsangbuk-do .

    • Date06/24/2014
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  • Yukgaejang


    This spicy beef soup is more popular in the hot summer days than it is in the winter. The beef and vegetables are said to help overcome the scorching summer heat.

    • Date06/24/2014
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  • Sundubu jjigae

    Sundubu jjigae

    Sundubu jjigae can be cooked spicy with chili powder, or as a clear soup. Either way, it will be just as tasty and easy on the stomach.

    • Date06/24/2014
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  • Kimchi jjigae

    Kimchi jjigae

    Spicy kimchi stew is one of Korea's most favorite dish. For a delicious pot of kimchi jjigae, make sure your kimchi is well ripened.

    • Date06/24/2014
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  • Doenjang jjigae

    Doenjang jjigae

    Not only the many vegetables, but the doenjang, or soybean paste make this stew very nutritious and great tasting.

    • Date06/24/2014
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