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Closed: Hoa Binh - Bucheon Samdong Branch

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Gyeonggi Bucheon-si Wonmi-gu Sang-dong
경기도 부천시 원미구 길주로 105 (상동)
Type / Specialty Menu
Asian Food/Vietnamese Food
  • Information
    The Hoa Binh Bucheon Sangdong Branch opens it doors on the streets of Sangdong, on the 1st floor of Save Zone, where there is much to see, eat, and feel in the constantly changing cinema city of Bucheon. Hoa Bingh boasts the best-tasting Vietnamese pho in Korea, while a large discount market, department store, and movie theater lie in the vicinity to satisfy all of your needs. The Hoa Binh Bucheon Sangdong Branch keeps a tidy and friendly restaurant in order to guarantee the customer's full satisfaction.

    Open 365 Days a Year (Closed on Holidays)

    Operating Hours
    10:00 ~ 22:00


    Some menu items may differ slightly in price and are subject to change without notice.

    Vietnam Special Roll Set - 27,000 won/32,000 won
    Hot Pho with Oyster - 7,900 won, Pho with Tenderloin - 6,900 won/7,900 won, Pho with Seafood - 7,900 won
    Pho with Coconut Cream - 6,900 won, Fried Pho (Mushroom) - 6,400 won, Fried Pho with Seafood - 7,900 won, Noodle Fish Sauce - 5,900 won
    Fried Rice with Pineapple - 7,400 won, Fried Rice with Shrimp - 6,400 won, Fried Rice with Crab meat - 6,400 won, Fried Rice with Garlic - 5,900 won
    Dimsum - 3,000 won, Fried Egg Roll - 3,000 won, 4 Season Dumpling - 3,000 won, Shaomai with Seafood - 3,000 won

    Maximum Seating Capacity

    Parking Facility
    Free 1-hour Parking at the Save Zone Parking Lot

    Credit Cards
    All Major Credit Cards Accepted

    Reservation Accepted

    Smoking / Non-Smoking

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