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Jeil Bean Restaurant (제일콩집)

  • Jeil Bean Restaurant (제일콩집)
  • Jeil Bean Restaurant (제일콩집)
  • Jeil Bean Restaurant (제일콩집)

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37-8, Dongil-ro 174-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 노원구 동일로174길 37-8 (공릉동)
Type / Specialty Menu
Korean Food/Dubu jjigae (tofu stew),
Sundubu (soft tofu), Cheonggukjang
(rich soybean paste stew)
• 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
• For more info: +82-2-972-7016 (Korean)
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  • Information
    Situated in Gongneung-dong, Jeil Bean Restaurant has specialized in bean dishes for over 25 years. Using high-quality beans produced in Hongcheon (Gangwon-do), fresh beans are ground at the restaurant using millstones. There are a number of delicious dishes on the menu at Jeil Bean, from bean stew to dishes using tofu. Particularly popular is the cold bean noodles with rich broth that is a beloved summer dish among Koreans.


    Seollal (Lunar New Year), Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)

    Operating Hours


    Some menu items may differ slightly in price and are subject to change without notice.

    - Son Dubu (home-made tofu)
    - Cheonggukjang (rich soybean paste stew)
    - Kong Tang (biji) (pureed soybean soup)
    - Dubu Jjigae (tofu stew)
    - Sundubu (soft tofu)
    - Kimchi Cheonggukjang (rich soybean paste stew with Kimchi)
    - Kong Guksu (chilled white bean soup noodles)
    - Kongnamul Bap (rice with bean sprouts)
    - Dubu Hanbang Bossam (vegetable wraps with tofu and medicinal herbs)
    - Dak Nalgae Twigim (fried chicken wing)
    - Saeu Twigim (deep-fried shrimps)
    - Dubu Gogi Jeongol (beef and tofu hot pot)
    - Gamja Buchim (potato pancake)
    - Gochu Mandu (dumplings stuffed with Korean chili pepper)
    - Gamja Buchim (potato pancake)

    Recommended Menu for Foreigners
    * Dubu Jjigae (tofu stew)
    * Sundubu (soft tofu)
    * Cheonggukjang (rich soybean paste stew)

    Additional Taxes
    N/A (Included in meals)

    Service Charges
    N/A (Included in meals)

    Maximum Seating Capacity
    160-170 seats

    Parking Facility


    Credit Cards


    Reference Notes
    * Closing days and opening hours are subject to change. Please make an inquiry before visiting.

    Smoking / Non-Smoking

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