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Baechu-kimchi (Kimchi)

Baechu-kimchi (Kimchi)
Baechu-kimchi is made by fermenting brined Korean cabbage with Korean radish, vegetables, salt-fermented seafood, ground red pepper and various seasonings. Kimchi is a quintessential side dish that is served without fail on dining tables in Korea. Kimchi was approved as an International Standard Food by Codex in 2001. Certain studies have shown a link between kimchi and cancer prevention.

food information
scaleTotal weight
after cooking
scaleWeight for
one serve
heating time
cooking time
4.8kg (60 serves) 80g 4~10℃ 0 min over 5 hours

    Ingredient & Amount

  • 4.8kg (2 heads) Korean cabbage, 700g (4⅓ cups) coarse salt, 4kg (20 cups) water
    1kg (1 ea) radish, 100g watercress, 200g small green onion, 200g mustard leaf
    200g (1 cup) oyster
    : 6g (½ tbsp) salt, 400g (2 cups) water
    seasonings : 130g (1⅓ cups) ground red pepper, 100g (½ cup) salted anchovy juice, 100 g salted shrimps, 12g (1 tbsp) sugar, 200g green onion, 80g (5 tbsp) minced garlic, 36g (3 tbsp) minced ginger,
    Kimchi liquid : 100g (½ cup) water, 2g (½ tsp) salt
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    Ingredient & preparation

    1. Trim the bottom and outer leaves of the cabbage (4.5kg), put a deep knife slit lengthwise and split it into two parts by hands, marinate them in salt water in which half (350g) of the coarse salt dissolved, and spread remained half of the salt in between the petioles. Let it sit cutting side up for 3 hours, and then another 3 hours after turn over.【Photo 2】
    2. Rinse the cabbage under running water for 3~4 times, drain water on a tray for about 1 hour (3.2kg).
    3. Trim and wash the radish, shred into 5cm-long, 0.3cm-wide/thick. Trim and wash watercress stalks, small green onion and mustard leaf, cut them into 4cm-long. (watercress 60g, small green onion 150g, mustard leaf 150g).【Photo 3】
    4. Wash the fresh oyster softly in mild salt water and drain.
    5. Mince the solid ingredients of salted shrimps finely. Soak ground red pepper in the salted shrimps juice and salted anchovy juice.


    1. Add soaked red pepper to the shred radish, mix well, add remained seasonings, and mix well again. Add vegetables and oyster, mix softly and season with salt (1.5kg).【Photo 4】
    2. Pack the seasonings in between each leaf of the cabbage, fold over the outer leaves to hold the seasonings.【Photos 5 & 6】
    3. Place it in a jar one by one until 70~80% of the jar filled, cover the top with marinated outer leaves.
    4. Make Kimchi liquid by adding some water and salt into the Kimchi mixing container. Then finish by pouring Kimchi liquid into the jar and pressing down.
cooking information
Heating Time Proces Heat Control
Preparation  Preparing cabbage, vegetables, salted shrimps and fresh oyster   
0 min  Marinating cabbage   
390 min  Washing cabbage and draining water   
460 min  Mixing cabbage Kimchi and placing in a jar   

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