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Ogok-bap (Five-grain Rice)

Ogok-bap (Five-grain Rice)
Ogok-bap is cooked of glutinous rice, glutinous African millet, sweet red beans and black beans together. From olden days, Koreans have regarded the first full moon day of the year as an important day. People cooked five-grain rice on that day and shared it with neighbors in hopes of peace and a good harvest.

food information
scaleTotal weight
after cooking
scaleWeight for
one serve
heating time
cooking time
1.2kg (4 serves) 300g 65℃ 53 min 4 hours 20cm pot

    Ingredient & Amount

  • 360g (2 cups) glutinous rice
    80g (½ cups) black bean
    85g (½ cups) glutinous African millet
    83g (½ cups) sweet red bean , 300g (1½ cups) scalding water, 500g(2½ cups) boiling water
    85g (½ cups) glutinous millet
    rice water
    : 100g (½ cups) sweet red bean boiled water, 500g(2½ cups) water, 10.5g (¾ tbsp) salt
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    Ingredient & preparation

    1. Wash the glutinous rice, soak in water for 30 min. and drain water on a strainer for 10 min. (440g).
    2. Wash the black bean, soak in water for 3 hours and drain water on a strainer for 10 min. (140g).
    3. Wash the glutinous African millet by rubbing until washing water to be clear, soak in water for 1 hour, and drain water on a strainer for 10 min. (120g).【Photo 2】
    4. Wash the sweet red bean and remove foreign elements, drain water on a strainer for 10 min.
    5. Wash the glutinous millet and drain water on a strainer for 10 min. (114 g).


    1. Put sweet red bean and scalding water into the pot, heat it up for 2 min. on high heat. When it boils, discard the scalding water. Add fresh water to the sweet red bean, heat it up for 3 min. on high heat. Lower the heat to medium, boil for 20 min. taking care the bean not to be burst, drain through a strainer (131g). Prepare rice cooking water with sweet red bean boiled water after adding water and salt.【Photo 3】
    2. Put the rice, black bean, glutinous African millet, sweat red bean and rice water into the pot. Heat it up for 2 min. on high heat. When it boils, continue to boil for another 3 min. Lower the heat to medium, add glutinous millet and boil it for 10 min. When the rice become sodden, lower the heat to low, steam for 13 min. Turn the heat off, and let it sit there for 10 min. more to be well-done.【Photos 4 & 5】
    3. Mix them with scoop thoroughly and serve in a bowl.【Photo 6】
cooking information
Heating Time Proces Heat Control
Preparation  Soaking glutinous rice and black bean. Washing four other grains   
0 min  Boiling sweet red bean  H-heat 5 min. M-heat 20 min. 
20 min  Cooking five grain rice
Adding glutinous millet 
H-heat 2 min. H-heat 3 min.
M-heat 10 min. 
30 min  Steaming for well-done  L-heat 13 min. 
50 min  Steaming for well-done after turning heat off  after heat off 10 min. 

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