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Galbi-tang (Short Rib Soup)

Galbi-tang (Short Rib Soup)
Galbi-tang is a soup made by slowly simmering beef ribs. It is garnished and served with steamed rice at the table. Beef ribs are a tasty cut that is well-marbled with fat. Therefore, beef ribs are also grilled and steamed.

food information
scaleTotal weight
after cooking
scaleWeight for
one serve
heating time
cooking time
2.1kg (4 serves) 525g 65~80℃ 3 hours 32 min. over 5 hours 24cm pot, 30cm frying pan

    Ingredient & Amount

  • 600g beef ribs, 1kg (5 cups) precleaning water
    5kg (25 cups) boiling water
    200g radish
    fragrant seasoning
    : 40g (1 root) green onion, 42g (6 cloves) garlic, 130g (½ head) onion
    36g (2 tbsp) clear soy sauce, 8g (2 tsp) salt
    60g (1 ea) egg
    : 28g (2 tbsp) minced green onion, 16g (1 tbsp) minced garlic, 0.3g (⅛ tsp) ground black pepper
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    Ingredient & preparation

    1. Cut the beef ribs into 5cm-long, soak in cold water for 3 hours to draw out the blood, changing the soaking water every 1 hour.【Photo 2】
    2. Remove fats and tendons from the beef ribs.【Photo 3】
    3. Trim and wash the radish, peel skin (180g), cut into 6cm-long.
    4. Panfry egg for yellow/white egg garnish, and cut into 2cm-long of diaper shape.  
    5. Blend seasoning.


    1. Pour water in the pot and heat it for 5 min. on high heat. When it boils, add the beef ribs, and boil it another 2 min. Discard boiling water.【Photo 4】
    2. Pour cold water and beef ribs in the pot, boil it for 20 min. on high heat, then lower the heat to medium, simmer it for 2 hours. Add radish and fragrant seasoning together, boil for 1 hour, while skim the fats.【Photo 5】
    3. When radish is well-done, take out the radish, cut into 3cm-wide, 4cm-long and 0.5cm-thick. Remove out the fragrant seasoning from the pot.
    4. Cool down the broth, filter through cotton cloths, skim fats off. Season with clear soy sauce and salt. Put beef ribs (420g) and radish into the broth, boil it for 5 min. on medium heat.【Photo 6】
    5. Place the beef rib soup in a bowl, top with egg garnish, then serve with seasoning sauce.
cooking information
Heating Time Proces Heat Control
Preparation  Preparing beef ribs and radish, Blending seasoning,
Pan-frying egg for garnish 
0 min  Precleaning beef ribs by boiling shortly  H-heat 7 min. 
10 min  Boiling beef ribs. Adding radish and fragrant seasoning  H-heat 20 min. M-heat 120 min. 
150 min    M-heat 60 min. 
210 min  Boiling beef ribs in broth  M-heat 5 min. 

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