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Lim Ho (임호)

Lim Ho (임호)
- Date of Birth
- Height/Weight
Height: 174cm, Weight: 64kg
- Academic
Currently enrolled in Central Theological University at Advanced Imaging Science
- Bloodtype
- Religion
- Hobbies
Watching videos, reading books
- Nickname
- Marriage
- Website
- Filmography
* TV Dramas
The Great Queen Seondeok 선덕여왕 (2009)
The Man Who Can't Get Married 결혼 못하는 남자 (2009)
My Home 우리집에 왜왔니 (2008)
New Birth of Married Couple 新 부부의 탄생 (2008)
Dae Jo Yeong 대조영 (2006)
Barefoot of Love 맨발의 사랑 (2006)
Girls over Flowers 꽃보다 여자 (2005)
Wind Flower TV소설 바람꽃 (2005)
Not Alone 혼자가 아니야 (2004)
The Woman Who Wants to Marry 결혼하고 싶은 여자 (2004)
Dae Jang Geum 대장금 (2003)
Lovers 연인 (2003)
Girl's High School 여고동창생 (2002)
Man of the Sun, Lee Je Ma 태양인 이제마 (2002)
Whenever the Heart Beats 언제나 두근두근 (2002)
Her House 그 여자네 집 (2001)
Honey Honey 허니허니 (2001)
Everyday with You 매일 그대와 (2001)
Rural Diary 전원일기 (2000)
Due to You, Darling 당신 때문에 (2000)
Heo Jun 허준 (1999)
The Great King’s Road대왕의 길 (1998)
Fresh Son-Ja’s tactics 싱싱 손자병법 (1998)
Sea of Ambition 욕망의 바다 (1997)
ManGang (Full-Heartedness) 만강 (1996)
Jang Hui-Bin 장희빈 (1995)
Due to Your Being 그대 있음에 (1994)

* Films
4 Horror Tales - D-day 어느날 갑자기 (2006)
Don't Tell Papa 돈텔파파 (2004)
Clementine 클레멘타인 (2004)
Ghost Taxi 공포택시 (2000)
- Awards
Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호) Lim Ho (임호)

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