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 - 200 Pound Beauty
- Genre Comedy
- Director Kim Yong-hwa
- Cast Ju Jin-mo, Kim Ah-joong
- Certification 12 years & over
- Production Date 2006
- Runtime 120 minutes
- Trailer/Homepage

5'6" tall, 200lbs. Hanna(Kim Ah-joong) has a body of a K-1 fighter, or a wrestler, but has a fragile heart that only wants to be loved by one man. Her only gift from the heavens is her gorgeous voice. Although she longs to become a pop-singer, she is only a faceless lip-sync vocalist for the beautiful pop-singer, Ammy. At night, she works as a phone sex operator to make a living. She works day-in and day-out without rest, but her heart is the most distressed. Her secret love is Ammy's music producer, Han Sang-jun(Ju Jin-mo), the only person who truly realizes her singing talents. Finally the day she has been waiting for all her life comes when she is invited to his birthday party. She dresses up as beautifully she can and arrives...but after that night she disappears?!
View Point

<200 Pound Beauty> is roughly based on a Japanese cartoon written by Yumiko Suzuki, but the details are much different. Although the plot of an enormously overweight woman undergoing severe reconstructive surgery to become a beautiful goddess is the same, the movie is different from the comic's main storyline centered around the love relationship of the boyfriend and girlfriend. The movie focuses around the main character and her question of 'Can I be happy knowing that I lost what I wanted?'
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