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 - Once In A Summer
- Genre Romance
- Director Jo Geun-Shik
- Cast Lee Byeong-Heon, Soo-Ae
- Certification 12 years and older
- Production Date 2006
- Runtime 121 minutes
- Trailer/Homepage

In the summer of 1969, Yoon Suk-Young avoids his father by volunteering to work on a rural farm in Sunaeri. Having no interest for volunteer work, he spends most of his time alone, when he happens to meet the village librarian, Suh Jung-In, and falls in love. Jung-In, a bright and hard-working orphan, also becomes interested in return. Their love grows within the short period of his volunteer time, and they are soon faced with unforeseen circumstances of separation... Time passes and Yoon Suk-Young becomes a professor. He then goes with a writer and the PD of a TV program to Sunaeri to find his first love. However, the villagers refuse to talk about Suh Jung-In. The mysteries of the love story thicken as the movie moves forward.
View Point

captivated much attention due to the casting of Soo-Ae, an actress well known for her acting talent, and Lee Byeong-Heon, a popular actor known around the world. While Soo-Ae has proven her talents in all areas of acting, for Lee Byeong-Heon, this is his first time in 4 years being cast for the leading role as a gentle, sweet guy in a melodramatic romance movie. is a love story that unfolds in the midst of confusion in the 1980s, as the story bounces back and forth in time.
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