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 - Daisy
- Genre Romance
- Director Yu Wi-gang
- Cast Jeon Ji-hyun, Jung Woo-sung, Lee Sung-jae
- Certification 15 years and above
- Production Date 2006
- Runtime 110 minutes
- Trailer/Homepage

Artist Hyeyeong (Jeon, Ji-hyun) who is preparing for her private drawing exhibition in the Amsterdam plaza, is able to live on only because of the memories of her first love. She presents this first love, which she has never seen but was strongly moved by, with a picture of a daisy. In response to this picture, a daisy pottery is delivered to her everyday. Meanwhile, she notices a man who comes to draw portraits everyday at the same hour, and she begins to develop strange feelings from him. It turns out that he is an international cop, working undercover, intentionally trying to approach Hye-yeong. But, as time goes by he is captured by her innocent, bright personality. He knows he is not the person she has been waiting for, but he is afraid to tell her the truth for fear of losing her. Park Eui, the person Hye-yeong is actually waiting for witnesses with heart wrenching pain a loving feeling developing between Hye-yeong and Jeong-woo. He is a professional hit man who stays away from Hye-yeong because he has no choice. Though he can only watch Hye-yeong and Jeong-woo, his loving feelings for her do not disappear so easily. Two men’s fate cross over each other through one woman, but the hardest decision is yet to be made when Park Eui receives a picture of Jeong-woo who is his next hit.
View Point

‘Daisy’ is a creation of the Hong Kong director ‘Mugando’ in collaboration with Korea’s top stars. The movie took 6 months to film. This movie is a film with strong melodramatic elements, featuring Korea’s top movie stars Jeon Ji-hyun, Jung Woo-Sung, and Lee Sung-Jae, who play the roles of two men struggling to win the heart of one woman. This scenario was created by the director of ‘My Sassy Girl,’ Gwak Jae-Yong, making this film more interesting.
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