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 - The Art of Seduction
- Genre Romance
- Director Oh Gi-hwan
- Cast Son Ye-jin, Song Il-guk, Hyun Young, No Ju-hyun
- Certification 15 years and above
- Production Date 2005
- Runtime 100 minutes
- Trailer/Homepage

Private banking investment consultant Son Ye Jin looks innocent but is very crafty, and has no problem seducing men, but gets tired of them just as easily. She meets her match with a famous architect who has perfect looks and manners. The two players test their seduction skills on each other. The old tricks in the past that used to work so effectively are of no use when they try them on each other, so they must become more creative in order to seduce each other. As they try to outdo each other, they eventually begin to feel a genuine attraction, at which point they decide to go their separate ways in a cool manner.
View Point

‘The Art of Seduction’ is a love story between two charming crafty players. Son Ye Jin, a popular drama and movie actress and the handsome, suave Song Jong Guk are the two main characters. Director Oh Ki Hwan, whose debut movie ‘Present’ featured Lee Young-Ae and Lee Jeong-Jae, has come back after a long break in the movie industry, in this comic love story. The two characters compete to see who has better seduction skills as if they were comparing martial art skills. The movie also features large helicopters and small airplanes as well as top luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, etc.
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