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 - The Romantic President
- Genre Romance
- Director Jeon Man Bae
- Cast Ahn Sung kee, Choi Ji Woo
- Certification All ages permitted
- Production Date 2002
- Runtime 95minutes
- Trailer/Homepage

Teacher, Eun-soo, has a formidable foe, the class problem child Young-hee. Eun-soo cannot understand the reason for Young-hee's uncontrollable antics and this drives her crazy. When she cannot take it anymore, she demands to talk to Young-hee's parents, whose phone number she extracts from Yonghee after a long struggle. She is stunned when she calls the number and finds out her student is the daughter of the President of South Korea, Han Mi-wook. When he arrives to talk about his daughter, Eun-soo finds herself impossibly and unbelievably scolding the President. Amazingly, this results in an invitation to the Blue House from the President.
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