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5 Infinite Members to Graduate from University Together

cj enews worldGrace Danbi Hong / 2013-02-15 10:40

Despite busy schedules of promotions and various projects, Infinite’s Sung Kyu, L, Sung Yeol, Hoya, and Dong Woo will be graduating from college.

The graduation will take place on February 15 at Daekyung University, where the five members enrolled in 2011 through special screening admissions. The members will graduate with a major in applied music.

The university stated that it was a very exceptional thing that five members all majored in the same thing, but the more extraordinary thing was that all five would be graduating together.

“The Infinite members have gone to classes for their majors whenever they had time in their busy schedules. They have also taken all the midterm and final exams while actively participating in campus life,” said the school. “As seniors who have broadcast experience, the Infinite members have been great help, aiding their juniors with tips on singing, dancing, and performing on the stage.”

At the graduation ceremony taking place at 11 a.m. (KST), Sung Kyu, L, and Sung Yeol will be representing all five members to receive the Proud Daekyung University Student award. Dong Woo and Hoya unfortunately will not be present, due to Infinite H activities.

Meanwhile, it’s said that the Infinite members will participate in a simple graduation party with other students and staff.

Photo Credit: Daekyung University

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