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Gi, Heung, Jeong Culture print


For over five thousand years, the Korean people have managed to maintain their traditions despite numerous attempts by neighboring nations to invade and annex the Korean Peninsula.

Visitors to Korea are always amazed at how quickly its citizens have been able to bounce back and recover to the point of becoming a leading economic power despite 100 years of invasions, occupation, war, and dictatorship. This economic and political recovery is known as the Miracle on the Han, referring to the Hangang River, which runs through Seoul. However, once you come to Korea and feel its energy, you will find that it’s no miracle. There is a spirit in the Korean consciousness that exists regardless of an individual being Buddhist, Christian, or atheist.

Most Korean people attribute the success of their country to this spirit, which is divided into three types: gi, heung, and jeong. Grasping these three important elements of the Korean psyche will instill a deeper understanding of the nature of Korean culture.





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