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KARA is a Korean girls' group leading the pop charts with their catchy and dynamic songs. After entering the Japanese market in August 2010, KARA was selected as the best new artist of the year on RecoChoku, a Japanese mobile music site. The group is active in both Korea and Japan and also is scheduled to make appearances in Japanese dramas.

About KARA

Kara is a five-member girl group. Its name was taken from the Greek word 'χαρα', meaning 'sweet melody.' The group made its debut with the album [Blooming] in March 2007. Members include: Park Gyu-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Goo Ha-ra, Nicole, and Kang Ji-young. The group combines hip dance styles from Euro dance pop, electronic dance, and alternative rock. Their hit songs include ‘Break It’, ‘Pretty Girl’, ‘Lupin’, and ‘Jumping’.

Debut album [Blooming] released March 2007
Official site (Korean)

Member Profile

* Name: Park Gyu-ri
* Nationality: Korean
* Position: Lead vocalist and Group Leader
* Bio: Park Gyu-ri has a mature and charming appearance. She started her entertainment career as a child actress with her first appearance in the 1995 MBC drama . Additional credits include appearances in SBS's drama . In addition to being a member of KARA, she is also an MBC radio show host. Her motto is to think positively and do her best at every moment.

* Date of birth: May 21, 1988
* Education: Department of Broadcast Entertainment, Dongduk Women's Univ. (currently enrolled)
* Blood type: AB
* Height: 162cm
* Hobbies: Enjoys reading and watching movies
* Talents: Singing and acting

* Name: Han Seung-yeon
* Nationality: Korean
* Position: Vocalist
* Bio:
Han Seung-yeon is known for her charming smile. She first joined the entertainer industry in elementary school by appearing in almost 100 extra roles in TV programs including the MBC drama <Star in My Heart>. After joining KARA in 2007, she appeared in various entertainment and variety shows as host or emcee, including MBC's <Han Seung-yeon's MSL Break>, KMTV's <Children Singing Contest>, and MBC's <I Love Pet> .

* Date of birth: July 24, 1988
* Education: Department of Theater and Film Studies, Kyunghee Univ. (currently on leave)
* Blood type: A
* Height: 160cm
* Hobbies: Enjoys reading and listening to music
* Talents: Singing and dancing

* Name: Nicole (Korean name: Jeong Yong-joo)
* Nationality: USA (Korean American)
* Position: Vocals, rap and lead dancer
* Bio:
Nicole's charm lies in her free spirit. Born in Glendale, California she came to Korea after debuting with KARA. While in school, she was an active student who loved dancing and performing. As a member of KARA, she appeared in various entertainment programs, including KBS2TV's <Star Golden Bell>, MBC's <On Sunday evening>, and Mnet's <Nicole's Fun Veterinary Science 101>. Her motto is to live without regrets, work hard on stage, and share an honest side off stage.

* Date of birth: October 7, 1991
* Education: Veterinary Science, Konkuk Univ. (completed short-term program)
* Blood type: A
* Height: 165cm
* Hobbies: Playing violin and enjoying movies
* Talents: Dancing

* Name: Goo Ha-ra
* Nationality: Korean
* Position: Vocals and dance
* Bio:
Goo Ha-ra has a cute face and soft image. She started her entertainment career as a member of KARA. Through appearances in Mnet's <Very doubtful casting Season 2>, MBC's <On Sunday evening>, and KBS2TV's <Young Hearts Never Lose>, she became known for her honest and charming personality.

* Date of birth: January 13, 1991
* Education: Media Visual Acting Department, Sungshin Women's Univ. (currently enrolled)
* Blood type: B
* Height: 163cm
* Hobbies: Enjoys music and dancing
* Talents: Singing and dance

* Name: Kang Ji-young
* Nationality: Korean
* Position: Backup vocals
* Bio:
Kang Ji-young is the youngest KARA member. She is loved for her cute and lively image. In entertainment programs, she is known to present an honest and tomboyish style. She has been the host of an Mnet radio show since March 2010 and is now working to develop her talents as an multi-facted entertainer.

* Date of birth: January 18, 1994
* Education: Attends Muhak Girl High School
* Blood type: O
* Height: 167cm
* Hobby: Enjoys movies and listening to music
* Talent: Singing

Kara's Official Fan Club

1) Kamilia  
Kamilia is KARA's official fan club. The name combines KARA and the latin word familia, and stands for KARA's family of supporters. The fan club's official colors and cheering gear include: light pink (pearl peach) balloons, towels, Varsity letter jackets, and glow sticks.

2) Fan club official site:   

Albums (List of albums)
2007  03   First full-length album released
2008 08   1st mini album [Rock U] released
11   2nd mini album [Pretty Girl] released
2009 02   Special edition of 2nd mini album [Honey] released
07   Second full-length [Wanna, Mister] album released
2010 02   3rd mini album [Lupin] released
08   First single album [Mister] released in Japan

[KARA BEST 2007-2010] released in Japan

11   Second single album [Jumping] released in Japan 
11   4th mini album [Jumping] released 
11   First full-length album [Girls Talk] released in Japan    


Best New Artist Album of May from Korea Creative Contents Agency

2007/07 Best New Artist from the Digital Awards hosted by Cyworld
2009/03  Top spot for [Honey] at SBS-TV Live Pop Songs program
2009/11 Best Dance Music from MNET Asian Music Awards for [Honey]
2009/12    Top 10 at First Melon Music Award
2010/01   Best Women Artist Award from 16th Korea Entertainment Art Awards
2010/02  Grand Prize at the 19th High1 Seoul Music Award
2010/03     Top spot for two consecutive weeks at KBS-TV Music Bank for [Lupin

Commercials and other activities
2007 06  "Lemona" ad for Kyung Nam Pharmaceuticals  
2009 04  (Cosmetics ad for Etude
09  Ramyeon ad for Ottogi
09  "Grilled chicken" ad for Jinjin Food System 

Ad for shoes multishop Lesmore 

09  Han Seung-yeon in Samsung commercial 
10  Fashion ad for Warner Brothers' Tweetie 
11  Ad for Dmaris, a dining franchise 
11   Ad for Crown Bakery 
11   Ad for Free Style, an online basketball game 
11  Ad for Pizzaetang 
2010  02  Ad for Missha A'Pieu
04   Ambassador for National Election Commission

Ad for Lotte "Pepero" 

04   Ad for Samsung Pavv
04  Samsung Dugeundugeun campaign
06  Ad for Thai cosmetics brand “Mistine”
07   Ad for fashion brand "ASK”
10  Ad for footwear "BearPaw" 


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