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Learn Korean print

Welcome to the Korean language section! Learners can choose between a beginner and intermediate section.
This program is provided by KBS World Radio. This section will introduce the alphabet, basic grammar, and some simple expressions. Just listen and read along with the short conversations, a must-see for all who are planning to come to Korea!

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This program consists of 270 Korean expressions in total which can be used for travelling around Korea. Conversational pieces to introduce Korea's culture and popular travel spots are also included in this program. In addition, this section has a built-in voice listening function and detailed explanations for the Korean expressions. So it will be a useful program for not only learning Korean conversation but also travelling in Korea.
This section takes intermediate learners on a language adventure through Korea’s most well-known tourist destinations. Each unit will take you on a virtual journey to places like the Kimchi Museum, Namdaemun Market, Panmunjeom, and more! Conversations in each unit highlight essential terms used in everyday life, and are ideal for those who wish to take their Korean language skills to the next level!

The contents of the Korean Language Adventure have been made by the Paichai Korean Language Institute in cooperation with the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

Please note that Paichai Korean Language Institute takes full responsibility for the Korean text and that some the contents may vary from actual tourist information. We at the KTO ask that you keep in mind that this program was designed solely for the purpose of Korean language study. Thank you.

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