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Korean TV Drama print

‘Seodongyo’ was famous just for the fact that it was a production of director Lee Byeong-Hun and screenplay writer Kim Yeong-Hyeon - both known for the internationally televised popular drama 'Daejanggeum' (Jewel in the Palace). ‘Seodongyo’ tells a story of love between Baekje dynasty’s 30th king (later called King Mu), ‘Seodong’ and Silla’s princess ‘Seonhwa,’ while portraying Baekje’s (BC18 ~ 660) elegant and brilliant culture.

Seodongyo, or Sedong’s song, is famous even to be printed in textbooks, but actually does not entirely match the drama’s story. The song was originally written by Seodong, who had a poor commoner’s background, for his love, Princess Seonhwa. The screenplay writer, however, revised the song used in ‘Seodongyo’ to describe Baekje’s culture and scientific technologies. In order to film the drama, the production crew built the drama set in Baekje’s capital city, Buyeo. Although the drama did gain such great popularity as that of ‘Daejanggeum,’ ‘Seodongyo’ was successful in producing new stars. The stars of the drama, Jo Hyun-Jae and Lee Bo-Young, have been busy being casted for other roles after shooting ‘Seondongyo.’

[Drama Details]
Televised Dates: September 5, 2005 ~ March 27, 2006, every Monday and Tuesday at 9:50pm
Production: Director Lee Byeong-Hoon, Screenplay Writer Kim Yeong-Hyeon
Cast: Jo Hyun-Jae, Lee Bo-Young, Ryu-Jin
Broadcasting Station: SBS
Official Homepage: (Korean)
Drama Synopsis
After an undesired night with King Wideok (of Bakjae), a professional dancer Yeon Ga-Mo becomes pregnant with Seodong. She then flees the palace when assassins come for the king, and begins to live alone. Mother and son live peacefully without revealing their identities until Seodong is 10 years old, when Yeon Ga-Mo decides to send him to Baekje to receive the schooling of the royal descendants. She asks her old love, Mokrasu, the head of the palace technical studies school, to teach her son in the way kings are brought up. However, Seodong becomes entangled in a political conspiracy and is forced to flee Baekje and escape to Silla.
While secretly living in Silla, Seodong meets Princess Seonhwa coincidentally and falls in love with her. However, the gift he gives to Princess Seonhwa as a symbol of his love is soon detected by Silla and everyone associated with him is slain. Although Seodong grew up undergoing many hardships, he became a good man showing much potential in the field of science. On the other hand, Silla’s king becomes enraged at a song that becomes popular amongst the children of Silla, ‘Seodongyo' (a love song Seodong wrote for Princess Seonhwa). Princess Seonhwa is eventually banished, and only after 10 years is she reunited with Seodong.
Cast Introduction

Seodong / played by Jo Hyun-Jae

Originally named Jang, Seodong becomes the 30th king of Baekje, King Mu. Although he was born as a son of a king, Seodong is raised as a commoner. He keeps a bright and happy personality with a strong sense of leadership. He shows a strong sense of justice and initiative, but is also a very mischievous child that becomes problematic.

After creating chaos in the palace he flees from his country, and meets the beautiful Princess Seonhwa. While he tries to become a scientist by developing new technologies, he finds out that he is a prince, and begins to reconsider his future. Seodong accepts his fate and takes up his position as the ruling king of Baekje dynasty. With such prominent leadership, he transforms the Kingdom of Baekje into a powerful empire.

Princess Seonhwa / played by Lee Bo-Young

Born as Silla’s King Jinpyeong’s 3rd daughter, Seonhwa is very mischievous and likes to play tricks on Seodong. Her mischievous nature gets Seodong exiled from the palace, and so she decides to become his teacher. The fact that she helped Seodong become the king of Baekje is later revealed and she almost becomes exiled from Silla, being called a traitor.

Although she is offered the chance to become the queen of Silla, she chooses her love for Seodong. She becomes Seodong’s queen, but is pulled into misfortune as her home country, Silla, and Baekje wage war against each other.
Sataekgiru / played by Ryu-Jin

Sataekgiru, or Kim Do-Ham, is born into the royal family of Silla, and maintains a cautious and reserved nature. He is a very ambitious character who falls in love with Princess Seonhwa at a young age, but is unable to confess his love due to the boundaries of his social standing. However, one day, King Jinpyeong promises him marriage to Princess Seonghwa in exchange for stealing Baekje’s technology secrets. His fierce concentration and intelligence allow him to infiltrate Baekje’s technology department within 5 years, but his identity is threatened as Princess Seonhwa suddenly appears.
Drama Film Locations
Buyeo, Seodongyo Open Set
In the drama, King Mu and Princess Seonhwa get married disregarding both the Silla and Baekje nobilities’ objections. The site of their first night was filmed at an open set in Chucheongnamdo province’s Buyeo. Currently not existing, Buyeo’s set consisted of the Baekje palace, Silla palace, ‘Taehaksa’- Baekje’s laboratory, and ‘Haneulchae’- the village of the scientific scholars. This place appeared many times in the drama, and Sugyeongnu, where you can oversee the Gahwa Reservoir, has especially beautiful scenery.
The Seodongyo set has been used in other dramas as well such as ‘Taewangsasingi,’ ‘Yeogaesomun,’ and the drama simultaneously broadcasted in Korea and Japan, ‘Erexion.’
Tour Schedule: Guijokjib (nobleman’s house) → Palace Village (Jeojat Street) → Mangru → Taehaksa → Gongbang → Haneulchae Village → Moktab → Silla Palace → Jeonghwajeong (Palgakjeong) → Queen’s Residence → Palace Library → Summerhouse → Residence of the Royal Concubines → Palace Corridor → Baekje Palace
Contact: +82-41-830-2255
Korea Travel Phone: +82-41-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Operating Hours: Daily: 9:00am ~ 6:00pm, Weekends: 9:00am ~ 9:00pm
Admission: ₩2,000 (ages 19-64), ₩1,500 (ages 13-18), ₩1,000 (ages 7-12), ages 6 and under, or 65 and over are free
Directions:Take Seoul subway line 3 to Nambu Terminal Station → take the bus headed to Buyeo (7:10am ~ 7:20pm, 18 buses daily / bus fare: ₩12,200 / Travel Time: 3hrs) → Take the bus at the St. Joseph Hospital in front of Buyeo Terminal that makes a stop at Chunghwa and heads for the film set (4 buses daily (9 buses during weekends)/ 6:10am, 8:00am, 9:10am, 9:40am, 11:10am, 12:15pm, 1:30pm, 3:28pm, 5:15pm / bus fare: ₩2,810)

The Buyeo region, including Jeongnimsa Temple Site, Gungnamji Pond, and Busosanseong Mountain Fortress Wall, holds the Baekje Great King Honoring Event every Sunday at 2 p.m. from April to November. A reenactment of the Baekje Great King Royal Carriage Parade kicks off the main event and continues with the Jeongnimsa Tapdori (circling the pagoda) and the party at Gungnamji Pond.
At the Chungnam Tourist Information Center, Baekje costumes are available for visitors to try on in order to experience Baekje’s rich culture. Over a thousand excavated relics from the Baekje era are on display at the Buyeo National Museum. Tourists can also look around Nakhwaam on a ferry, the waters the women of Baekje threw themselves in so that they wouldn’t be captured by enemy forces at the time of the collapse of Baekje (AD 660).
Buyeo Homepage: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Contact: +82-41-830-2523
Korea Travel Phone: +82-41-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Take Seoul Subway line 3 to Nambu Terminal Station → Take the bus headed for Buyeo (7:10am~7:20pm, 18 buses a day / bus fare: \12,200 / travel time: 3hrs) → From the Buyeo Terminal, go to your destinations.

* Buyeo Tour Service
There are two tour courses by bus to the Seodongyo set and Buyeo remains. Using a 45-person bus, these tours last approximately 8 hours. For reservations or questions contact Chungnam Tourism Offices (+82-41-830-2523).
Course 1: Busosan Tours Parking Lot – Seodongyo Film Set – Gungnamji Pond – Lunch – Baekje Historical Museum – Jeongnimsa Temple Site – Busosan (Arrive at Gudeurae by ferry) – Busosan Tours Parking Lot (Tour Fee costs ₩9,200) (As of 2007)
Course 2: Busosan Tours Parking Lot – Seodongyo Film Set – Jeongnimsa Temple Site – Lunch – Buyeo National Museum – Gungnamji Pond – Busosan (Arrive at Gudeurae by ferry) – Busosan Parking Lot (Tour Fee costs ₩8,700) (As of 2007)

Operating Hours: To be determined (The exact schedules will be announced in March, 2008.)
Gungnamji Pond
The man-made lotus pond where the legend of King Mu (Seodong) and Princess Seonhwa originated from embraces a beautiful landscape that is popular among tourists. This place was made for Princess Seonhwa to comfort her homesickness for Silla, and is more widely known as ‘The Lotus Pond of Love.’ In the middle of the pond lies a little island which is a replica of a mountain from a Chinese myth, surrounded by willows. Every year around July, beautiful lotus flowers in full bloom cover the Gungnamji area to begin the Lotus Flower Festival.
Korea Travel Phone: +82-41-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Take Seoul Subway line 3 to Nambu Terminal Station → Take the bus headed for Buyeo 07:10am ~ 7:20pm, 18 buses a day/ bus fare: ₩12,200/ travel time: 3hrs) → A 20 min. walk from the Buyeo Terminal, or a 5 min. taxi ride.
Iksan Drama Set
The Iksan drama set of 'Jumong' was also used as the set for Seondongyo. Set 1 was where Seodong’s birth and childhood were primarily shot. The size of the set is approx. 3300 sq meters and holds more than 20 thatched cottages. However, the size of set 2 is approx. 5,000 sq. meters and holds the Haneulchae and pottery heater, Gamateo of the Silla Baekje Taehaksa. Iksan is also famous in Korea for its precious jewels, housing a Jewel Museum that is worth visiting.
Korea Travel Phone: +82-63-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Homepage: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Take Subway line 1 to Yongsan Station → take the train headed for Iksan (5:20am~11:10pm, 51 trains per day / Mugunghwa Train a 3hr. ride, Saemaeul Train a 2hr. 25min ride, KTX a 1hr, 45min ride)
Set 1 : Go across the crosswalk to the right of the 3-way intersection in front of Iksan Station and take bus 61, 62, or 63 at the bus station in front of SK. Get off at the Jungang Sports Park and cross the street.
Set 2 : Take bus 46, 47, 48, 49, or 50 towards Wonkwang Health Science College in front of Iksan Station → Get off at Sangyang Village → walk straight past the parking lot
Naesosa Temple
Naesosa Temple is where Princess Seonhwa walked around in circles while sadly waiting for Seodong to return. Also, this is the film location where Seodong angrily breaks an arrow, and where Princess Seonhwa runs to Seodong, only to be disappointed to find out it iss actually Sataekgiryu. The dramas ‘Lovers in Prague,’ ‘Damo,’ and ‘Daejanggeum’ were also filmed here, and a beautiful fir tree forest path unfolds in front of a Buddhist temple.
Korea Travel Phone: +82-63-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Buan Hompage: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Admission: ₩3,200 (State Park Amission ₩1,600 + Buddhist Temple Admission ₩1,600)
Directions: Take Seoul Subway lines 3 and 7 to Honam Express Bus Terminal → take a bus headed towards Buan (6:50am~7:30pm, 16 buses daily/ travel time: 3hrs, 10min/ bus fare: ₩12,900) → From the Buan City Bus Terminal, take a bus headed towards Naesosa (buses come at 20~30 min. intervals with a total of 32 buses operating daily/ a 50 min. ride)
→ For more on Naesosa Temple
Namhansanseong Fortress
Namhansanseong mountain fortress wall is the grounds where the Baekje and Silla armies had their confrontation. Although only 5 minutes of this scene was actually televised, it took hundreds of extras actors and a whole day of filming in the rain. This was a grand scene where the Baekje soldiers stood on the castle walls shooting arrows at the advancing Silla infantries. Namhansanseong is one of Seoul’s 4 fortresses located on the outskirts of Seoul and is now a historical ruin that has a popular promenade road. Nature surrounds the road, and many restaurants are nearby for its visitors.
Korea Travel Phone: +82-31-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Homepage: (Korean, English)
Admission Fee: ₩1,000 (Adults)
Directions: Take Subway line 8 to Sanseong Station and go out of exit #2 → Take bus #9 to Namhansanseong Entrance
→ For more on Namhansanseong Fortress
Seonunsa Temple
The scene where Seodong staged a coup and had a battle was shot behind a withered tree located in front of Seonunsa. The drama ‘Daejanggeum’ was also shot behind the valley in Seonunsa. Behind the beautiful temple lies a pathway to a Buddha statue carved in stone, which is magnificent to see as you are hiking. Spring is especially beautiful as camellia flowers bloom. Bokbunja drink and grilled eels are the area’s delicacies.
Korea Travel Phone: +82-63-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Take Seoul Subway lines 3 and 7 to Central City Express Bus Terminal → Take a bus headed towards Gochang (7:00am~7:00pm, buses come at 40~70min. intervals / a 3hr, 40min. bus ride / bus fare: ₩13,500) → From the Gochang Bus Terminal, take a bus headed towards Seounsa (a 30 min. ride)
→ For more on Seounsa Temple
Taean Open Set
In order to escape from the palace to see Seodong, Princess Seonhwa deliberately teaches the Seodongyo song to the children of Silla. The scene where Seodong stops on his way to kill Kim Sa-Heum when he hears the children singing the Seodongyo was shot at Taean Open Set. Also, more than 150 staff members and actors shot an escort procession of Seodong and Mokrasu in temperatures below 20 degrees (Celsius).

The Taean Open Set consists of 97 blocks housing a police bureau, Kim Sa-Heum’s house, a Gibang, a marketplace, and a blacksmith shop. In front of the set lies an orchid botanical garden. The nearby Anmyeondo Beach is easily accessible from Seoul, and is a very popular place for tourists, which is open all year round. Grilled clams and king shrimps are two of the area’s most popular seafood to enjoy on the foreshore.
Korea Travel Phone: +82-41-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Take Seoul Subway line 3 to Nambu Terminal → take the bus headed for Taean (6:30am~7:10pm, buses come at 20 min. intervals, 36 buses daily / a 2hr. 20min ride) → From the Taean Bus Terminal, take a bus headed towards Jinsan, and Nammyeon (a 20 min. ride) → Get off at the Fishing Village Garden, and walk 5 mins. past the orchid botanical garden.
→ For more on Anmyeondo Island
Jaecheon SBS Set
The Jaecheon SBS set was used to shoot a scene where Seodong and a group of guerillas attack a thief. The Cheongpung Cultural Assets Site is about 19,800 sq.meters and encompasses more than 130 blocks. The KBS set is only 6km away, making it easy to tour both sets. The set is located next to the Cheongpung Cultural Assets Site, which holds many historical buildings and relics, and its lakeside scenery is just as admirable.

The nearby area consists of a number of resorts and hotels, and even has a bungee jumping tower for visitors to enjoy. Its Cherry Blossom Road is popular in the spring and the nearby Suanbo Hot Springs is a great place to visit during the fall.
Operating Hours: March ~ October 9:00am~6:00pm/ November ~ February 9:00am ~ 5:00pm
Tour Rates: ₩3,000 (The Cheongpung Cultural Assets Site admission includes a tour of the set)
Korea Travel Phone: +82-43-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Directions: Take Seoul Subway line 3 or 7 to the Express Bus Terminal → Take the bus headed towards Jaecheon (9:00am~8:30pm (Weekends until 9:00pm) / buses come at 40 min. Intervals/ a 2 hr. 10 min. ride) → From the Jaecheon Bus Terminal, take the bus headed towards the Cheongpung Cultural Assets Site (a 40 min. ride)
* The pictures above are provided by SBS.

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