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Underground Shopping Malls

  • Date11/25/2020
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Underground Shopping Malls
Underground Shopping Malls
Underground shopping malls in Korea offer some of the best prices. Many underground malls in Seoul are connected to the subway, such as Gangnam, Jamsil, Express Bus Terminal, and Jonggak Stations, making them easily accessible. Some are even connected to outlets and department stores, for a giant shopping experience. These malls offer everything from clothing to cosmetics and even small interior items, but the most popular items are accessories!
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    Jewelry shops The shiny earrings, necklaces, and rings on display at jewelry shops never fail to attract visitors. The shops have an assortment of styles and designs, so you’re sure to find something to catch your eye. Products range from cheap 1,000 won items to more expensive items made from real gold and silver. Many shops also sell hair accessories, such as hair ties and headbands. Pick something you like and check yourself out in the mirrors around the shop to see how pretty you are!
    Lingerie stores You won’t be able to walk through an underground shopping mall without seeing at least a few shops proudly displaying bras, panties, and sleepwear. These lingerie stores offer some of the highest-quality products, including cooling pajamas for summer, and warm undergarments for winter. The underwear lines range from sexy lingerie to body suits and pregnancy underwear. Be sure to check out the sales items, typically located at the front of the shop, to stock up on these necessary items!
    Helpful tips
    Lingerie stores
    Major retailers
    dAb, Yes, Solb, Vivian, BYC, Codes Combine, Aimerfeel, etc.
    Underwear 10,000~80,000 won / Pajamas 5,000~30,000 won
    * Prices vary by brand and shop
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