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  • Date11/25/2020
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Hanbok Credit: Daily Han
Hanbok, Korea’s traditional clothing, is popular among international visitors due to the vibrant coloring and gently curving lines. These days, young Koreans have also revealed a new interest in fusion and daily hanbok designs. If you want to be an inssa, try purchasing a hanbok product!
    • Hanbok_image01 Credit: Danha
    • Hanbok_image02 Credit: Zijangsa
    • Hanbok_image03 Credit: Daily Han
    Fusion hanbok K-pop group BLACKPINK sported fusion hanbok clothing in their “How You Like That” music video. The clothes worn were from hanbok up-cycle brand Danha, a hanbok brand that takes classic Korean hanbok designs and re-envisions them for the modern market. If you’re a fan of hanbok or BLACKPINK, you can purchase the same items Jennie and Rosé wore through the Danha website. For items a bit more within the average budget, hanbok boutiques like Jarag and Happly also sell fusion hanbok items.
    Helpful tips
    Website (Korean, English)
    * Product worn by Jennie: short top
    * Products worn by Rosé: long top / crop top
    Additional hanbok editorial shops
    Jaraq: (Korean only) Happly: (Korean only)
    Daily hanbok BTS has also helped drive up interest in comfortable daily hanbok. In 2019, BTS member Jungkook was spotted wearing a grey colored modern hanbok at Gimpo International Airport. His outfit came from the brand Zijangsa, which sells daily hanbok and monk clothing online. Due to the increased interest thanks to Jungkook, they have also started selling their products offline through the boutique Chihyangjonjung at the Busan branch of Lotte Department Store. If you’re an ARMY member, be sure to check out the grey and black pearl colored hanbok, often worn by Jungkook.
    Helpful tips
    Website (Korean only)
    * Product worn by Jungkook: V-neck daily hanbok
    V-neck daily hanbok 34,000 won
    * International shipping (EMS) available
    Zijangsa offline shop (Lotte Department Store – Busan Branch)
    Address: 7F, 772, Gaya-daero, Busanjin-gu, Busan (부산광역시 부산진구 부전동 가야대로 772 롯데백화점 부산본점 7층)
    Hanbok boutiques Hanbok boutiques offer a great compromise between fashion and functionality. One of the most representative of these shops is Daily Han, selling hanbok designed to be comfortable enough to be worn in daily life, but detailed enough for special occasions. They also sell simple T-shirts and pants with traditional elements, for a variety of styling options.
    Helpful tips
    Daily Han
    Website (Korean, English)
    Blouse-type long jeogori 64,000~78,000 won / Gold-printing series 74,000~78,000 won / Easy long bazaar (waistcoat) 98,000 won / Ojoryong dragon embroidery sweatshirt 59,000 won
    * International shipping (EMS, PayPal) available
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