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Convenience stores

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Convenience stores
Convenience stores
Most convenience stores in Korea are open 24 hours a day, making them great places to fill up on snacks and other goods at any time. Major convenience store chains also offer their own brand items, unavailable even at supermarkets!
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Instant food The instant food selection is perfect for easy meals! Products range from cup noodles, the start of it all, to tteokbokki, salad, pho, and fish cake bars. If you want something more filling, or a dish to go with alcohol, try the instant versions of gopchang bokkeum, jokbal, or dakbal. These instant foods can all be prepared using the microwave or hot water dispenser available within the convenience store.
Helpful tips
Instant food
Major retailers
GS25, CU, E-Mart24, etc.
Tteokbokki ~1,000 won / Salad ~2,000 won / Frozen dakbal ~7,000 won / Frozen jokbal ~8,000 won
Lunchboxes Lunchboxes are the way to go when you want a full meal for cheap! Pick up a Korean lunchbox with lots of side dishes and a good serving of rice, or try one with Western, Chinese, or Japanese food. Each convenience store franchise offers a different menu, so you’ll have to check out a few places to see what you like. The daily lunchbox with different side dishes every day, and the charcoal grilled barbecue lunchbox from GS25 are especially popular, so you’ll have to go a bit early if you want to snag one of these! Most convenience stores get their order of lunchboxes around 8 or 9 in the morning, and are usually sold out by the time lunch is over. Some places also get an order in the evening, perfect for a late dinner.
Helpful tips
Major retailers
GS25, CU, E-Mart24, etc
GS25 daily lunchbox ~4,000 won / GS25 charcoal grilled barbecue lunchbox ~5,000 won / GS25 new chicken lunchbox ~4,000 won / CU dakgogi doepbap ~4,000 won / E-Mart24 yubu chobap lunchbox ~2,000 won
* Prices and availability varies by product and location
Convenience store brand products Korea’s major convenience store franchises have all come out with their own brand items of popular snack items. GS25 is best for their dessert line of products, like mocha roll cake and basque cheesecake, known to be high quality. For snacks, head to a CU. They offer many snacks that match the Korean taste, such as laver tofu snacks, or black sesame & powdered soybean snacks. E-Mart24 has you covered on the essentials: coffee and ramyeon! Their ‘sseun coffee’ in particular packs a punch, with a high level of caffeine, great for getting through your jam-packed schedule!
Helpful tips
Convenience store brand products
Convenience store brands
GS25: you us CU: HEYROO E-Mart24: I’m e
Recommended products
GS25: Mochi roll cake ~2,000 won / Bask cheese cake ~3,000 won CU: Laver tofu snack ~1,000 won / Black sesame & powdered soybean snack ~1,000 won / garlic flavor corn snack ~1,000 won E-Mart24: Ramyeon (1 package) ~300 won / coffee ~1,000 won
* Not including general goods (ex. – bottled water, tissues)
Product websites
GS25: (Korean, English, Chinese) CU: (Korean, English, Chinese) E-Mart24: (Korean only)
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