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Daily make-up

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Daily make-up
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The popularity of Korean cosmetic products and hallyu culture has made K-beauty a common phrase among beauty bloggers and vloggers worldwide. K-beauty stands out for its use and application of moisture-rich products to create a bright skin tone that appears natural. The next time you’re in Korea, set aside two or three hours to get pampered and learn how to apply Korean-style daily make-up by a professional!
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Select and reserve a make-up studio There are many make-up studios in areas with large floating populations and tourists, such as Myeong-dong, Gangnam, and the area around Hongik University. Most studios will require advance reservation. You can easily do this through global travel platforms like Klook or Airbnb. If you know some Korean or have a friend who can help, try searching for a place on Naver. Some popular Korean cosmetic companies also offer make-up experiences at their flagship stores.
Helpful tips
Reserving a make-up studio
Klook: (Search in the activity section)
Airbnb: (Search in the experiences provided by host)
* Price: Starting from 70,000 won
Flagship stores offering make-up experience
Sulwhasoo SPA Flagship Store (Sinsa-dong), Style Nanda Pink Hotel (Myeong-dong), Too Cool for School Garosu-gil Workshop (Sinsa-dong), etc.
Prepare for your visit Before you head to the studio, be sure to wash your face! Most studios expect you to come with a clean face, so just apply some moisturizer and leave the make-up to the professional! If you’re visiting a studio that also does your hair, do the same. A simple shampoo and conditioner rinse is all you need to do before visiting. In the process of getting your make-up done, it’s possible that products could stain your clothes, so it’s a good idea to dress in something that is easy to take off.
Get your make-up done Before starting, be sure to confirm with your make-up artist so you get the look you want. Most professionals can provide a K-beauty look, but you can also be more specific, choosing from themes like “juicy make-up,” “girl group make-up,” or “mul-gwang make-up.” If you aren’t fluent in Korean, you’ll have a much easier time explaining what you want if you prepare pictures beforehand. When you’ve confirmed with the make-up artist the look you want, they will start. The process generally goes skin, eyes, nose, lips, followed by hair if the studio you visit offers it.
Take pictures Ta-da! You’re finished! Use the magnifying mirror to check if everything is to your liking. If you want to make any changes, let your stylist know. When you are all set, take a picture! With such nicely done make-up, you’ll be changing all of your profile pictures in an instant!
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