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Hair salon

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Hair salon
Hair salon
Korean girls enjoy changing their look through hairstyling, be it a cut, dye, or perm. Because of their many requests, Korean hair salons have become expert in providing exactly what their customers ask for. The dynamic range of service options provide the perfect curl, length, and coloring to suit everyone. If you’re tired of your same old style, visit a Korean hair salon to discover a new you!
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    Make a reservation The first step is to make a reservation. The salons in the area of Hongik University, Ewha Womans University, and Myeong-dong offer some of the latest styles and techniques. The most popular salons often do not accept same-day reservations, so we recommend booking a few days in advance. You can use international platforms such as Klook or Airbnb to find and make reservations. If you know Korean or have a Korean friend who can help, you can also make a reservation through Naver, the most common way Koreans make their reservations.
    Pick a style Choose from a vast range of styling options, from cuts to extensions, curls and perms to straightening, dyeing, and moisturizing treatments! If you’re looking for a natural curl and bounce, try the volume perm. If your hair is damaged, try a moisturizing treatment or recovery perm and your hair will feel silky smooth! You can also ask the stylist to give you the look of one of your favorite hallyu idols. Whatever style you want, just prepare some pictures to show the stylist.
    Get a new ‘do After deciding on the style you’d like, be sure to give plenty of information to the stylist. Since communication can be an issue, showing a variety of pictures in different angles is the best method. While the stylist works on your hair, pass the time flipping through a magazine or drinking coffee or tea, all provided by the salon.
    Helpful tips
    Cost of standard treatments
    Cut & Styling: Starting from 37,000 won
    Hair treatment: Starting from 100,000 won
    Make-up, cut & styling: Starting from 200,000 won
    * Discount tip: Most salons offer discounts on weekday mornings, as this is their least busy time
    * Prices will vary by franchise
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