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Biking along the riverside

  • Date09/29/2020
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Biking along the riverside
Biking along the riverside
In the middle of the bustling city, you can enjoy a leisure ride along the Hangang River! The Hangang Parks have specially designated bicycle roads. Pedal along at your own pace, and take breaks at benches along the way or stop in at a convenience store within the park for a snack. When you’re ready, hop back on your bike for more relaxing riding.
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    Rent a bike The first thing to do is rent a bicycle. There are 14 bicycle rental locations throughout the Hangang Parks. To rent a bicycle, you’ll need to present photo ID. Helmets and other safety equipment come free with your rental.
    Helpful tips
    Bicycle rental information
    Operating hours
    10:00-21:00 (Mapo & Yeouinaru locations)
    * Hours may vary for smaller rental locations
    Mapo, Yeouinaru, Wonhyo, Banpo, Gangseo, Yanghwa, Jamwon, Jamsil, Gwangnaru, Ttukseom, Ttukseom 2, Mangwon, Ichon, Nanji
    * Bicycles rented through Hangang Park service can be returned at any location (weekdays only)
    Rental fees
    Single & children’s bicycle: 3,000 won for one hour / 500 won for each additional 15 min Tandem bicycle: 6,000 won for one hour / 1,000 won for each additional 15 min
    Follow the road There are bicycle paths on both the north and south side of the river. The southern path stretches 41.13 kilometers from Gwangnaru Bicycle Park to Gangseo Hangang Park. The northern path is just 28.81 kilometers long, starting near Cheonho Bridge at Gwangnaru Hangang Park and ending at Nanji Hangang Park. Both paths have their own unique charms and attractions. If you get tired of riding along the river, you can also head to one of the two bicycle parks, located at Gwangnaru Hangang Park and Nanji Hangang Park. The parks offer riding trails, as well as mountain bike courses and an x-game park.
    Stay safe! The Hangang Bicycle Road attracts bicycle enthusiasts from around the country. These experienced riders tend to zoom along the trail. For safety, all riders are recommended to wear helmets and stay on the designated road. Just like driving, before starting to ride, check to make sure there are no incoming riders. While on the road, stay to the right-hand side when not passing another rider. If there seems to be something wrong with your bike, contact the rental center immediately using the number attached to the bicycle.
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