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Post-hike Dining

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Post-hike Dining
Post-hike Dining
Korea’s geography largely consists of mountain ranges, making Korea a land of mountains with gorgeous views. Some of the most noteworthy hiking mountains found in Seoul include Bukhansan Mountain, Inwangsan Mountain, Cheonggyesan Mountain, Maebongsan Mountain, and Gwanaksan Mountain. The hike up and down the mountain can be fun on its own, but in Korea, there’s more to hiking than just the mountains. To fully enjoy the mountains in Korea, end your adventure with these top 3 must-try foods after hiking.


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Regardless of elevation, a mountain hike is a challenge in itself. Even after a satisfying breakfast and snacking on the way, hunger will strike by the time you make your way down. To recharge, stop in at one of the restaurants clustered around trail entrances and get ready to meet the top 3 popular foods loved by Korean hikers.
After choosing a restaurant, order dotorimuk (acorn jelly salad), pajeon (green onion pancake), and makgeolli (rice wine).
Ask for the makgeolli to be brought out first so you can try it while waiting for the food. Makgeolli is usually served in a plastic bottle. As the rice sediments will have settled on the bottom of the bottle, use your wrist to shake the bottle well before filling your cup. Be careful not to shake too hard, otherwise you’ll be in for an explosive surprise. Once your cup is filled, take a sip right away before the rice sediments resettle to the bottom of your cup.
When the pajeon and dotorimuk arrive, eat the pajeon first before it gets cold. Using your chopstick, separate the pajeon into bite-size pieces and then dip a piece lightly in soy sauce. Pajeon is a perfect match for makgeolli and will have you downing the drink in no time.
Time to try dotorimuk! This menu is one of the most popular menus sought by hikers. Dotorimuk is a jelly made from ground acorn powder. It’s low in calories, making it also popular among those who are concerned with maintaining a healthy diet. Its gelatin-like and soft texture topped with vegetables and sweet and sour dressing can get pretty addictive.
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Before your hike, buy a cucumber and a water bottle from a vendor nearby the trail's entrance. Because hiking requires a lot of fluid intake, Korean hikers carry cucumber as a snack to keep hydrated. Water is a necessity especially in summer; you’ll also find frozen water bottles for sale at the vendors.
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