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    Outdoor Activities for Winter in Gangchon

    Gangchon offers beautiful scenery throughout the year. Read on to learn about the outdoor activities you can enjoy in Gangchon this winter.

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    • Date01/21/2020
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    On the Road in Gangwon-do

    If you’re searching for a winter wonderland, then look no further than Gangwon-do!

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    • Date01/09/2020
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    Enjoy Ice Skating and Sledding in the Seoul Metropolitan Area

    Along with winter’s cold bite, the season also brings the gifts of snow and ice! Brace the cold this winter and visit an ice skating rink or a sledding park to make some unforgettable winter memories in Korea.

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    • Date01/06/2020
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    Embrace the Cold at Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival

    The best region to enjoy winter in Korea is definitely Gangwon-do. When Hwacheoncheon Stream, located in Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon-do freezes in winter, locals and tourists alike flock to the stream, carve out a hole in the ice, and begin ice fishing for sancheoneo (Masou salmon).

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    • Date01/02/2020
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    Revisiting the 2018 Olympic Games Venues

    It’s common knowledge that ski resorts are one of the best places to enjoy a winter vacation. Take a deeper look at the ski resorts that hosted the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

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    • Date12/30/2019
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    Start 2020 with Energy at Korea’s Sunrise Spots

    Many of us say hello and goodbye to each day as we watch the sun rise and set. Viewing spots throughout the nation hold annual celebrations on New Year’s Eve and on the day of the New Year to welcome this once-in-a-year event.

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    • Date12/27/2019
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    Discover Korea's Winter

    Throughout the world, the end of one year and beginning of a new one is filled with events, parties, and gatherings.

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    • Date12/19/2019
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    Tasty Korean Treats Perfect for Winter

    With the arrival of winter’s cold bite comes a variety of Korean winter snacks and foods.

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    • Date12/16/2019
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    Winter in Warmth at Hot Springs & Spas

    To enjoy a little bit of Korean culture with a whole lot of warmth this winter, head to a Korean hot spring or spa!

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    • Date12/12/2019
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    Luxurious Winter at Korea’s Spas & Hot Springs

    Spas and hot springs are popular attractions during winter in Korea as visitors can soak in soothing, warm water. Pick one of the top recommended hotel spa facilities and water parks to enjoy a warm winter!

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    • Date12/09/2019
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