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    On the Road in Daejeon

    Daejeon is a largely unvisited city, despite its metropolitan designation and central location.

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    • Date05/24/2019
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    On the Road in Gyeongsangbuk-do

    Head to the cities of Pohang and Gyeongju in Gyeongsangbuk-do to enjoy a culture-filled trip with lots of time for local treats!

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    • Date05/22/2019
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    On the Road in Daegu

    The best way to uncover all Daegu has to offer is by walking its streets and alleys.

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    • Date05/20/2019
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    One-day Trip to Jeonju, Korean Style!

    Jeonju is one of Korea’s major tourist cities, drawing in both locals and internationals visitors with its charm. The city has plenty to see, from the ever-popular Jeonju Hanok Village to the hidden attractions of Gaengnidan-gil Road and Wansan Park.

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    • Date05/16/2019
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    Beginners' Guide to: Incheon International Airport

    Whether you arrive hours before your flight or have an overnight layover, enjoy your time at Incheon International Airport to the fullest!

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    • Date05/13/2019
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    Shopping Malls in the Metropolitan Area

    Recreation-integrated shopping malls in various suburbs of Seoul are truly a one-stop destination for all.

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    • Date05/09/2019
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    Imagination comes alive in Paju

    Just an hour's drive from Seoul to the northwest lies the city of Paju, which is home to a beautiful culture town, a place packed with artistic and creative restaurants, dozens of coffee shops, and stylish stores attracting visitors of all ages.

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    • Date05/02/2019
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    Finding Balance in Nature

    Some of the best places to find balance and peace of mind are at gardens and parks just outside of Seoul.

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    • Date04/29/2019
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    Set off on a Jeollanam-do Journey

    The Jeollanam region in the southwestern part of the Korean peninsula is the perfect destination for travelers looking to delve deeper into Korea.

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    • Date04/25/2019
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    8 Ways to Enjoy the K-Style Hub

    The K-Style Hub is an extremely useful attraction that may be unknown to many international tourists!

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    • Date04/22/2019
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